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Senior U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission official: The market is ready for the Bitcoin ETF

Hester Peirce, a member of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, said in a recent interview that the market is now ready to offer an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for Bitcoin.

to the Report “People have been interested in bitcoin ETFs for some time,” Pierce-CoinDesk said in an interview. He added:

Because of this passion, if we do not put a natural way in front of them, which is ETP, they will look for other ways that are not very desirable.

Pierce, known as the “mother of digital currencies”, opposed the approach that digital currencies are used for purposes such as terrorist financing, saying he doubted the scale of the problem. He also said that it is not possible to ban bitcoin in a sudden move.

Bitcoin has long been referred to in political and legislative circles as a facilitator of terrorist financing and money laundering.

Pierce has also stated that he hopes to work constructively with Gary Gunsler. Gansler has previously taught courses on the Blockchain as a professor at MIT. Gansler recently won a vote of confidence in the Senate.


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