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Senior Innovator at the US Federal Reserve is a supporter of Bitcoin

Sonina Totia, a former digital asset manager at TD Ameritrade Financial Services and a Bitcoin supporter, has been named Senior Innovation Officer at the Federal Reserve.

to the the report “The Block” Sunayna Tuteja is now in charge of innovation at the US Federal Reserve, according to the latest update to her LinkedIn account. He was appointed to this position in February.

Tutia worked for Tudi Amritrid from 2014 until his appointment. During his time at the company, he dealt with emerging technologies and was eventually appointed Head of Digital Assets and Technology at the Digital Bureau.

Tutia was in charge of leading the digital currency team at Tudi Amritrid. In this position, he designed proposals for digital currencies, the creation of the Blockchain, and cryptocurrency partnerships.

Digital Currency offers at Teddy Amritrid include bitcoin futures trading through the CME Group. The company is also an investor in ErisX.

Tutia has previously spoken in both meetings and on her personal pages about investing in Bitcoin and the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi). He once told the Blockworks website that he was a bitcoiner. In December 2020, he praised the Bitcoin community in a Twitter message.

she wrote:

It is a society that rises again after every defeat, and rises with more power. In various possible and unexpected ways, it has passed its stress test.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently focused on the digital currency debate, saying the agency’s work on assessing StableQueen risks was a “very high priority.”

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also encouraged the US Federal Reserve to continue reviewing official digital currencies, saying there were still many ambiguities.

It is not yet clear exactly how Tutia’s work will affect current innovation efforts and what her role will be in the central bank.


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