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Screening of the Iranian film “Black Open”; Show the impact of Bitcoin on social relationships!

The movie “Black Open” directed by Hamid Hemmati has become the first Iranian movie in which bitcoin is mentioned. Hemmati says that looking at bitcoin in this film indicates its effect on interpersonal relationships.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From October, cinema director Hamid Hemmati, in an interview with this news agency, said about the release time of his first film, “Siah Baz”:

My film has a personal investor and is based on the interaction between the investor and the producer. The issue of broadcasting is a complex one, and Corona has made the process even more difficult.

He added:

The film will be released online. I think at the moment, due to the long queue for movie screenings, the best platform for showing our film is online platforms, and it will be more trusted by the producers.

Hemmati continued:

The Internet screening platform is a very good platform and online screening is tested by cinematographers all over the world, a clear example of this is Netflix, which is also very successful. The fact that Iranian films are smuggled as soon as they are on the platforms is a weakness that we have and must be addressed, otherwise the online platform is a good platform for showing works.

He emphasized:

Of course, I think friends can easily follow up on this so that movies are not easily smuggled. I believe that we have weaknesses in this context that we need to address, because with the smuggling of films, most people who make films with their own money are harmed.

Hemmati stated:

We make films that have a return on investment, because in any case, cinema is an industry that, of course, is also used as a pastime. Is.

The director explained:

The current state of cinemas and, of course, the corona epidemic have made cinema children less likely to produce films, so cinema agents experience unemployment that affects their livelihoods.

In the end, he said about the story of his film:

This film is the story of people who have problems in their personal lives but resort to other things to escape decision making. “Black Open” also addresses the issue of bitcoin, and this is the first time such an issue has been raised in an Iranian film. In fact, the way we looked at bitcoin in “Black Open” was that we said how much it could affect people’s social relationships.

The actors of this film are Sam Gharibian, Afsaneh Baygan, Shahed Ahmadlou, Mehdi Koushki, Ali Rahbari, Elmira Dehghani, Hamed Bisadi, Mostafa Habibi Manesh, Navid Kooh Fallah, Peyman Safa, Sedigheh Taghizadeh and with the presence of Atila Pesyani.

Elahe Sadat Entezar and Ali Ghaem Maghami have invested in this film.


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