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Sales of Oxy Infiniti game tokens exceeded $ 1 billion

New data shows that sales of NFT Axie Infinity-based game tokens have exceeded $ 1 billion, compared to about one-fifth of the game’s total sales in the past seven days.

to the Report Decrypt, data from the CryptoSlam website, shows that sales of games based on Ethereum’s unparalleled tokens based on the Ethereum network have recently crossed the $ 1 billion mark.

At the time of writing, 2.4 million transactions worth $ 1 million have been made in this game based on unparalleled tokens. Inspired by the Pokémon game series, Oxy Infiniti has 324,850 buyers, 936,065 token owners and more than 1 million daily active users.

The increase in sales of Oxy Infiniti tokens shows that this NFT-based game, which was launched in 2018, has become very widespread this summer. About one-fifth of Oxy Infiniti’s total sales last week and three-quarters last month.

Oxy Infiniti is the first NFT-based game to sell more than $ 1 billion in tokens. It was followed by NBA Top Shot, a basketball card trading platform based in the Flowchain block, with $ 675 million in second place, and the Ethereum-based CryptoPunks collection with $ 657 million. In the next categories are the most sold NFTs in the market.

Oxy Infiniti and games with simple gameplay similar to Monster Battler have taken over the Blockchain. Oxy Infiniti, like Pokémon, has a variety of characters whose fate is determined in competition with other players.

Integrating with Oxy Infiniti digital currencies has made it a much more lucrative game than Pokémon, and encourages players to spend money on the game and use their chance to make money.

Of course, it should also be borne in mind that the integration of Oxy Infiniti with digital currencies has really raised the price of this game. Newer versions of Pokémon cost just under $ 60 for more than 100 hours of play, while only one of the Oxy Infinity characters costs several hundred dollars. Even Green Shrub, which is one of the very simple items in this game, is priced at $ 60.

However, unlike Pokémon characters, Oxy Infiniti players are allowed to sell their tokens in secondary markets, and given the $ 1 billion in tokens sold, it is clear that they are doing just that. Sky Mavis, the creator of the Oxy Infiniti game, has named this model “Play to Earn” meaning “game to earn money”.

In November 2020, the game’s Vietnamese creator launched the Axie Infinity Shards token, which allows players to decide the future of the game. The token made a lot of noise a month after launch. The market value of oxyinfinity, which on July 20 (July 29) was about $ 900 million, has now reached $ 2.6 billion.

SkyMavis has also set up a decentralized marketplace for its 90,601 virtual plots of land where players can develop bases, aggregate resources and build their own handmade items. These fields usually sell for more than $ 10,000, although most of their gameplay features may not have been implemented yet.


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