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Saeed Mohammad: We produce Iranian cryptocurrencies and offer them worldwide

Presidential candidate Saeed Mohammad, in a recent interview, said that cryptocurrencies can help the Islamic Republic in sanctions, adding that within a certain framework, we will produce domestic cryptocurrencies and will be available worldwide.

According to Arzdigital, Behzad Ghobadi; Saeed Mohammad, the presidential candidate, in his press conference in Response Asked by Bazaar News about his plan for the automotive industry and dealing with the mafia, he said:

Automotive is one of the problems, but it was not more difficult than building missiles and nuclear facilities; The problem of car manufacturing is in the management thinking, let no one worry that we can not build a good car. But what do Koreans and Chinese have more than us? This industry has become indigenous in our country today. If the management is reformed, the car industry will be reformed and there will be no need for the military to enter.

He added:

With the measures we have, we can monitor the car mafia and break it so that this industry can be saved. One of the problems in car manufacturing is the overlap of ownership and management, as well as the fact that in privatization, a part of the car manufacturer’s shares has been transferred to the parts manufacturer. That is, it sells parts as well as makes decisions for the automaker. In the privatization, part of the car manufacturer’s shares have been transferred to the parts manufacturer. These are the problems of the car manufacturer, and we see that the country’s self-cleaning is not moving.

He continued:

Be careful not to give the wrong code and say that our car industry is facing a technology problem; These mistakes have caused us to have the 405 car platform for 30 years and the Pride platform for 28 years, and no one is ever looking to update these. People who can move effectively in this area will be pushed aside or left Iran. They go and are attracted to foreign companies. The biggest car designers in America are Iranians. In the next government, we will create a new space in the automotive industry.

In response to another question from a Bazaar News reporter about the cryptocurrencies and his possible government’s plan for this new phenomenon in the country’s economic environment, Mohammad clarified:

The cryptocurrency can help the Islamic Republic in sanctions and currency appreciation. The government must design specific rules and framework. Our plan is to produce the Iranian currency code and offer it worldwide. We will reduce its risks for both the owners and the parties to the transaction.


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