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Rumor: Evidence suggests Tesla may accept Shiba Inu as a payment method

Recently, there have been rumors that Tesla intends to accept Sheiba Ino as a payment method in the sale of its electric vehicles. The source of this rumor is the code on one of the pages of Tesla’s official website, in which the name Shiba Inu is written as “SHIBA” along with other payment methods of the company, including Bitcoin.

to the Report Crypto Slate, there is evidence that the controversial Tesla Meem Quinn in recent days in the digital currency market, Shiba Ino, may accept this as a payment method in the sale of its electric vehicles; A rumor that, if true, could blow up the market for this meme coin.

The source of this rumor is the source code or the source code of Tesla’s official website, in which the name of Shiba Inu has been accepted by the company along with other payment methods. However, Tesla has not yet responded to the rumor.

February This year, when Tesla announced that it had bought $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and accepted the digital currency as a payment method for its car sales, the price of bitcoin jumped 23 percent on the same day. Many analysts believe that Tesla’s acceptance of bitcoin was the main driver of the digital currency’s price to reach a record high of $ 64,000 in mid-April. But if Tesla confirms this rumor, will Shiba Ino experience a similar situation to Bitcoin?

The price of Shiba Ino increased by about 800% during October and reached its historical peak of $ 0.000088850.

Rumor: Evidence suggests Tesla may accept Shiba Inu as a payment method
Shiba Ino price chart (1-day view of Shiba Ino market / Tetra)

Despite the brilliant performance of this digital currency, some experts still believe that Shiba Inu is another high-profile project that after a while its price will fall and become worthless.

However, Shiba Inu has strengthened the fundamental aspects of her project in recent months. For example, the successful launch of the Shiboshi NFT token set, which currently has a price floor of about 2 Ethereums and is equivalent to $ 8,600.

But how likely is it that Tesla Shiba will accept this as a payment method?

It should be noted that Shiba Ino is a token with “ERC20” standard that operates on the Ethereum network; This means that its transactions are costly due to Ethereum’s high and unpredictable fees, which makes Shiba Inoue a poor option for becoming a payment method.

Examining the evidence of Tesla’s rumored acceptance of Shiba Inu

As Sawyer Merritt, the founder of Twin Birch, pointed out on Twitter, the name Shiba Inu appears in the source code of Tesla’s website and in the settlement phase. Merritt said that if you look at the source code of the website on the Tesla billing page using your browser’s Inspect tool, you will see the name Shiba Ino.

Merritt said he did not know what the symbol could mean because he had no information about website programming. He is engaged in the production of environmentally friendly clothing and has no experience in the field of digital currency.

Merritt wrote on Twitter:

If in the settlement step on the Inspect option [مرورگر خود] click, [می‌بینید ] Apparently, the name Shiba Inu (as SHIBA) as a payment method is included in the source code of the Tesla website. Of course, this possibility is not active, and since I am not a programmer and I do not understand anything about it, I owe it to you to understand what this damn thing means!

However, a website developer with the username Hendcorp responded to Merit’s tweet, saying that apparently everything was fine, and as the source code of the site shows, Tesla put Sheiba Ino’s name alongside its other payment methods. .

In response to Merit’s tweet, Handcroup wrote:

Hello my friend. I’m a programmer and given what [در این تصویر] I see, it seems that Shiba Ino is going to be in the settlement stage and when choosing the option. [پرداخت با] Digital currency, part of the payment gateway [وب‌سایت] Be. The domain of the site is also official and this code is placed in “”.

However, what has made others skeptical is that SHIBA has been used instead of the full name Shiba Inu or its original acronym SHIB; This means that the acronym Sheiba Ino comes with an additional English letter A in the source code of the website. Since the full name of this digital currency in capital letters, “BITCOIN”, was used in the case of the Bitcoin payment option, if Tesla wanted to add this to its payment methods, it made sense to name it ” SHIBA INU »in the source code.

Rumor: Evidence suggests Tesla may accept Shiba Inu as a payment method
Image of source code for Tesla website


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