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Rofx project review; A perfect panzi scheme!

Recently, a fraudulent website called “Rofx” was launched among Iranian users. This website, which introduces itself as a “Forex trader robot”, is nothing but a panzi scheme.

Digital Currency Exclusive – The Rafax website, which claims to invest investors’ money in the Forex market and use the trading robot to offer astronomical and guaranteed profits, is in fact a Panzi project that plays only with investors’ money and pays old members’ profits with money. New investors pay. According to rumors, this website has defrauded several bitcoins from Iranian users.

A Ponzi scheme is a scam in which a scammer, or Panzi designer, promises uninformed people that if they give him their money, he will work with that money and give astronomical and guaranteed profits to investors. will give.

Initially, to gain more trust, new people are paid interest from old people to attract more investors to the system. The scheme is eventually ruined due to saturation and lack of new investors, and the scammer usually runs away with a lot of money.

The appearance of the Rafax website, the uncertainty of the management team, the astronomical and guaranteed profits (given the risk in the capital markets) and the blocking of multiple accounts under various pretexts clearly show that this project is a pan-plan.

Rofx project review;  A perfect panzi scheme!

The project claims to have three offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong, but a review of the website’s “Contact” section reveals a false address and the use of ready-made images.

Therefore, from the point of view of the research team of the digital exchange website, the Rafax project is a Panzi plan, and due to the prevalence among Iranian users, the necessary warnings are provided in this article. By reading the article “What is a Panzi Plan?” You can read more about this type of scam.


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