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Ripple senior vice president unveiled his crypto assets

Asked by a user about his portfolio, David Schwartz, chief executive of Ripple Technology, said Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum accounted for the largest share of his portfolio, respectively.

To Report Ripple Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz unveiled his cryptocurrency list in response to a Twitter user asking what digital currencies he holds.

Schwartz lists 13 digital currencies that are sorted by trading position size. The largest portion of the Chevrolet portfolio consists of XRP tokens, followed by Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

BAT and Stellar are next. It is worth mentioning that Stellar Company was founded by one of the co-founders of Ripple, Jed McCaleb’s ancestor. He was Ripple’s first chief technology officer. Cardano is on the Shuraz list after XLM. Bitcoin Gold and IAS are at the bottom of the list.

David Schwartz admitted that he may have different coins now, but he has acquired these assets through airdrops and similar events.

Schwartz wrote in response:

Note that these are not necessarily the coins I decided to keep, they have been credited to my account thanks to such airships and events. Approximately based on trading position size: XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bat, XLM, Polymath, KIN, Crypterium, StormX, Bitcoin Gold and EOS.

Following the tweet, several analysts expressed surprise that Schwartz’s list did not include Dogecoin and Wei China.

Ripple’s chief technology officer also recently shared the main signs of a digital currency scam, warning digital currency users to be careful not to fall prey to such scams. This issue was reflected in the media.

Schwartz wrote that scams in the field of digital currencies are easily identifiable because their creators promise a huge return on investment.

He also pointed out that if someone finds a way to earn a high income in the field of digital currencies, they no longer need your investment, they can easily borrow and maintain this return.

David Schwartz believes that even the promise of a 2% profit per day smells of fraud in this area.


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