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Ripple CEO: We only agree on one condition with the US Stock Exchange Commission!

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has said he would agree to a deal with the US Securities and Exchange Commission if the future of the XRP token is guaranteed.

to the Report In an interview with Fox Business on September 24, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghaus said that if the status of the XRP token is fully clarified, the company would like to agree with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Garlinghouse said:

As much as we can to find a constructive and forward path with the stock exchange commission [تلاش می‌کنیم] And of course we want this [مسیر] Find. There is no scenario for agreement unless [گفت‌وگوها] Based on complete confidence about the future [توکن] XRP go ahead.

Ripple CEO added:

We have a clear vision of the extraordinary power of the XRP token as a tool. There are a lot of people in the digital currency community and the XRP community who do amazing things [با این توکن] They do.

Garlinghaus emphasized that the XRP Ledger is a decentralized open source technology that existed before Ripple was created, and that its native digital currency, XRP, can be compared to oil and gold.

According to Garlinghaus, the vague statements of the US Stock Exchange Commission about Ethereum indicate a lack of transparency in the regulations. He claims that the government has backtracked on classifying Ethereum as a security.

Garlinghouse says:

I imagine that still [در این مورد] There is no transparency.

Referring to the possible conflict of interests between the two sides in the case, Garlinghaus referred to the timing of the stock exchange commission’s complaint and said:

I am often asked this question, timing [شکایت کمیسیون بورس] It is suspicious and does not look good.

Ripple’s CEO complains about the lack of legal transparency, but disagrees with the notion that the digital currency environment is as illegal as the “Wild West” and says that the digital currency industry is currently under scrutiny.

“Garlinghouse has said in this regard:

Digital currencies are monitored. The Securities and Exchange Commission is likely to call for more power in this area.


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