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Ripple CEO: If we lose the lawsuit, we will leave the United States

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has announced that the company will be located outside the United States if the company loses a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

to the the report In an unpublished interview with the Axios news website on March 7, Youtoodi, CEO of Ripple, noted that if the company does not win the controversial lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the company may Will leave the United States.

The announcement comes after Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen announced last week that the company would be headquartered in San Francisco.

With that in mind, Garlinghouse looks confident Ripple can defeat the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in court.

He also claimed that the Ripple Token (XRP) would continue to operate, even if Ripple was forced to withdraw to emphasize that it was not a securities token.

In addition, Garlinghouse, who also holds the position of senior manager of Yahoo, has stated that he will not establish a new company in the United States if he wants to start a new company.

He reiterated that the “lack of leadership” in the blockchain industry is detrimental to the country. Garlinghouse explained:

The nature of American involvement in Internet innovation has always been a good source of huge profits that can be geo-politically a powerful resource. Because of this, I do not think it is good for the United States that we do not lead the way in a new generation of technology like the Blockchain.


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