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Report: Control of more than 80% of Ethereum NFTs is held by less than 17% of addresses

Recent data show that a significant portion of all NFT tokens offered in the Ethereum Blockchain have a small number of addresses on the network.

to the Report Crystopotito, the analytics company Moonstream, published an article on October 21 (October 29) in which statistical data on Ethereum NFTs manufactured under the ERC-721 standard were specifically examined. In its report, Moonstream tracked more than 7 million transactions involving counterfeit tokens from April 1 (April 12) to September 25 (October 3) in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Monstream documents show that 80.98% of all Ethereum NFTs belong to about 16.71% of the addresses that have been the subject of transactions involving unique tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

According to the report, this 16.71% is related to several platforms and the market for buying and selling unique tokens that deal with thousands of NFTs simultaneously.

The Moon Stream report states:

There is a lot of inequality in the Ethereum NFT market, with 16.71% of non-proxy tokens controlling about 80.98% of all NFTs.

Considering that at the time of writing, more than 80% of the total supply of Ethereum non-duplicate tokens was available to only 16.71% of the addresses, it can be said that 83.29% of the remaining holders own approximately 19.02% of this total. NFTs have been.

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Although the report shows that there is a lot of inequality in the distribution of Ethereum NFTs, it says that all large and small investors can still enter the market.

Moonstream said:

These data show that the way is open to enter the NFT market, as most market participants are short-term buyers who are likely to make their purchases manually. As a result, there are few barriers for people who want to enter the market.

The NFT market has grown exponentially in recent months, and investors, collectors, developers, and money changers are rapidly entering the field.

With the increasing number of institutional investors joining the hot market of unparalleled tokens, the excitement in this area has increased and the sales record of various collections is being broken every day. From July to July this year alone, the NFT market had sales of $ 10.7 billion.


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