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Report: Almost half of digital currency wallets are connected to Blockchain games

Recent data show that more than 804,000 players turned to blockchain-based games in July, and almost half of all active digital currency addresses are connected to these games.

to the Report Crypto Slate, a new report on the Blockchain Game Alliance website shows that almost half of digital currency wallets are connected to Blockchain games. With the onset of the corona epidemic, our connection with the outside world diminished, and many people turned to the world of games, and public interest in online games increased.

During the third quarter of this year, 1.54 million unique wallets were registered in the Blockchain industry, according to the report. This amount has increased by 25% compared to the previous quarter and 509% compared to last year. The accumulation and exchange of in-game assets that can be traded with other players seems to be an important factor in increasing the demand for new wallets.

This has led to an increase in interest in Blockchain games and the way revenue-based games work. More than 804,000 players joined blockchain-based games in July, according to a recent report by Blockchain Games Alliance.

In a recent report by DappRader, the growth of the NFT market and monetization-based games have been identified as the two main drivers of increasing demand in this area.

Why has Splinterlands become so popular lately?

The Blockchainkbuster game Splinterlands had the highest user acquisition in the third quarter of this year, attracting 245,000 users in September.

As a blockchain-based game, Splinterlands allows its users to shop, collect, play, and trade cards that are offered in the form of unique tokens around the world. The popularity of this monetization-based game was easily predictable, as collecting trading cards offline and traditionally is also very popular.

The game, which is based on the blockchain Hive, uses the traditional model of trading cards and digitizes it. The value of each of these cards is locked in the form of an NFT according to the features they offer in the market and they can be collected.

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Blockchain-based games are becoming more and more popular

From splinters to Dr. Who trading cards, monetized games are fast becoming popular. It seems that the use of blockchain technology in traditional gaming companies that care about player retention will give gamers more reasons to play.

At the moment, the transition from regular games to revenue-generating games is inevitable for platforms that seek to retain their users and want to define an economic mechanism for their games. Crypto Prophecies, Star Atlas and My Crypto Heroes are just a few of the newer games on the market that have created an exciting and loyal player environment and now use NFTs as their in-app gaming assets.

The existence of low barriers to entering the game and their fun, has made this area a good platform for the world of proverbial tokens and the future of monetized games, and it should be seen that this new mechanism will continue to be a key component of all future games. Or not.


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