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Reminiscent of the famous bitcoin fast; A site that gave 5 free bitcoins per person in 2010

Gwyn Anderson, a well-known Bitcoin developer, launched 5 Bitcoin Fasts in 2010, giving each person 5 free bitcoins a day for free. Estimates show that this fast has donated more than 19,700 bitcoins to users.

to the the report Coin Telegraph, the Digital Currency Association on Reddit on Sunday recalled an interesting part of the history of Bitcoin. The new story is reminiscent of a time when American software developer Gwen Anderson donated 19,700 bitcoins to various people.

A post by a user named uGroundbreakingLack78 took Reddit members to June 2010; That was when Anderson first launched the Fast Bitcoin website using the domain “”. Anderson gave visitors the opportunity to earn 5 bitcoins a day by solving just one captcha. Captcha is a program that aims to distinguish humans from robots.

This user further explained:

To boost the first fast, Anderson uploaded it with 1,100 personal bitcoins. Following the donation of these bitcoins, Fast resumed its work with early bitcoin miners and currency-donating whales.

The creator of this fast, in a post published on June 11, 2010, announced the really stupid idea of ​​donating free bitcoin to the Bitcointalk community. At the time, he expressed his motivation for doing so:

I want the Bitcoin project to succeed, and I think if people can get some coins to try it out, the project is more likely to succeed.

Anderson played an important role in the development of bitcoin in the early days of its formation. He was the lead developer of software for implementing the Bitcoin reference. Anderson joined the Bitcoin development team in 2012 after Bitcoin co-founder Satoshi Nakamoto announced he was leaving the project.

Although the Fast website no longer operates, screenshots taken from the domain’s home screen show very basic settings in which users can get bitcoins and set up their digital wallet. It is said that this fast bitcoin has donated 19,700 bitcoins to users just to solve captcha. The value of these bitcoins at the current price is about $ 1.2 billion.

Reminiscent of the famous bitcoin fast;  A site that gave 5 free bitcoins per person in 2010
Launched in 2010, the Fast Bitcoin website

While Bitcoin is in the middle of another bullish market, many investors like to get 5 bitcoins. Of course, at the current price of Bitcoin, it is easier said than done.

Given the apparent shortage of bitcoins in large exchanges, the price of this digital currency could rise further in the short term. Intra-chain data show that Bitcoin is a few months away from a sharp rise in price, meaning that investors remain optimistic about the uptrend.

The price of Bitcoin fell below $ 62,000 in mid-March, before the price hike stopped and the Altcoins struggled to gain a foothold. At the current price of Bitcoin, its market value has exceeded one trillion dollars. Large institutions and companies, among other incentives, have invested in this digital asset as hedging against the devaluation of money.


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