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RBC Report: Apple is in a position to provide digital currency services

Apple has a clear position to provide its users with a mechanism for buying and selling digital currencies. A move that will allow the company to gain market share quickly.

To Report With world-class software and a secure ecosystem at its disposal, Apple can address issues such as customer recognition laws and other regulations that prevent people from investing in digital assets, according to Reuters. . The company will provide a package system that prevents malicious activity, increases asset security, and provides instant access to buyers and sellers, the report said.

If Apple, which already has a wallet program, steps in this direction, the United States is likely to become a global leader in digital assets and the industry could be shut down by the government, the report said. [به‌دلیل ورود شرکت‌های بزرگ] Is reduced. The RBC report states:

It would not make sense to ban the use of such assets if the United States has the most encrypted assets (whether bitcoin or other digital currencies).

The report was released on the same day that Tesla, the global electric car giant owned by Ilan Musk, the world’s richest man, announced in a statement that it had bought $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin and would use it as a digital currency in the near future. Payment method will be accepted. This news caused a significant increase in the price of bitcoin.

So far, Apple has been cautious in dealing with digital currencies. The company removed digital currency software wallets from Appestor in 2014, but later overturned the decision. However, Apple has banned the extraction of digital currencies on its mobile phones. It also does not allow Apple Card credit cards to be used to purchase digital currencies.


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