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Rafsanjan extraction farm is off

Ali Zainavand, the governor of Kerman, in a meeting of the province’s electricity management, referring to the shutdown of the Rafsanjan electricity extraction farm, said that the utmost effort should be made to ensure that there is no blackout in the houses.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From the Kerman Central Radio and Television News Agency, Zinivand said that government agencies are the first focus of the restrictions:

All facilities must be used to reduce electricity consumption.

He said in a meeting of electricity management in Kerman that in the winter of last year and this year, due to coordination, we had the least problems in the province. Has the capacity to produce solar energy.

Zinvand pointed out that the installation of smart meters should be seriously pursued, adding:

North and south silence organizations and industrial estates should prioritize units, and in critical situations, cut off electricity to units whose goods are not strategic and the power outage does not cause irreparable damage to them.

Zeinvand clarified:

The activity of the cryptocurrencies is prohibited until the end of September, while the investment of the cryptocurrency farm in Rafsanjan is completely legal and is currently inactive and silent.

Zeinvand clarified:

Places for election gatherings are considered in accordance with the protocols in Kerman and big cities, and these places are in the priority of non-power outages, and on election day, considering that it is electronic authentication, the electricity of polling stations should not be cut off.

In the end, he referred to the planned arrangements to supply fuel to the power plants and said:

Every effort should be made to ensure that there are no blackouts in the houses and that people trust that if there was a power outage, we would have no choice.


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