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Quinx Exchange in Iran was filtered

The CoinEx digital currency exchange, which hosts thousands of Iranian traders, has been filtered in Iran.

According to Arzdigital, as of Thursday, October 29, users of the Quinx digital currency exchange will not be able to access the address of this exchange with Iran’s IP.

Also, according to user reports, on Thursday, with the filtering of Quinx, the SMS verification code had a problem for some time, and some traders living in Iran could not receive the verification code to enter. With digital valuations, this problem has now been fixed; But the filtering of this exchange continues.

Quinx can be considered the largest or even the only international exchange that has officially announced that it hosts users residing in Iran and accepts Iranian passports for authentication. Other foreign exchange offices refuse to accept Iranian users or at least do not recognize Iranian documents for authentication due to international sanctions against Iran.

The acceptance of Iranian users by Quinx has made digital currency activists suspicious; Because for an international exchange office, providing services to countries under sanctions can carry the risk of heavy fines, and many activists are very skeptical that a foreign exchange is openly hosting users living in Iran.

After authentication became mandatory at Bainance Exchange, the world’s largest digital currency exchange in terms of trading volume, as one of the main alternatives, more and more Iranian users registered with Quinx. It is not clear how many Iranian users are active in Quinx; But according to Alexa website statistics, this exchange is ranked as the 84th most visited website in Iran, and it seems that a large part of the users of this exchange live in Iran.

Recently, MP Rahim Zare Khattab wrote a letter to the Attorney General calling for the closure of international digital currency exchanges, specifically mentioning Quinx.


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