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Quinn Base Exchange adds three sushi swap tokens, Polygon (Metic) and Skill

The Quinn Base Pro platform will start trading on Thursday in the three currencies Digital Polygon (MATIC), Skill Network (SKL) and Sushi Swap (SUSHI).

to the the report The cryptocurrency trading platform Quinn Base Pro announced on Twitter that it will start trading in these digital currencies at 12 noon local time. The announcement from Coin Bass Pro reads:

Inbound transfers for lipstick, networking and sushi swaps in areas where transactions [پلتفرم] Support, started. Traders can not place orders and orders will not be settled. If enough liquidity is provided, trading will begin on March 11 at 9 a.m. US time.

From that date, Metic / Dollar, Metic / Bitcoin, Metic / Euro, Metic / Pound, Network / Bitcoin, Network / Euro, Network / Pound, Network / Dollar, Sushi / Dollar, Sushi / Bitcoin, Sushi / Ethereum, Sushi / Euro, and Sushi / Pound will start at Coin Base Pro.

The start of trading will include three stages, limited to registration, limited to limit order registration and full trading.

As the turmoil around the Ethereum ecosystem escalates, all three of these digital currencies have attracted a lot of attention in recent months. Methicillin used in the second layer of Ethereum Polygon solution has grown significantly since the beginning of 2021. From the beginning of this year until yesterday, this digital currency had grown by 1,000 percent. After the announcement, sushi tokens grew by 37.5% and skill network tokens by 43%.

The Coin Base Pro had previously added The Graph, Currency, UMA‌ and Looping digital currencies to its list of supported currencies.

Quinn Base Exchange will soon offer its shares on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. This is significant because Coin Bass is becoming the first digital currency company to offer shares in the market. Coin Bass was reportedly valued at $ 90 billion in private transactions.


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