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Queen Crypto, Ferrari One Coin operator, holds 230,000 bitcoins

Ruja Ignatova, one of the founders of Onecoin, known as the “Queen of Crypto”, reportedly owns about 230,000 bitcoins. The value of these currencies is currently estimated at $ 11 billion.

to the the report Bitcoin Dotcom, court documents show, he received bitcoins from members of the UAE royal family.

Ignatova, who co-created Van Quinn’s Panzi plan with Konstantin Ignatova, has been on the run for three years. Panzi Van Quinn was a multilevel marketing plan that ostensibly worked on Blockchain networks.

According to Van Coin, the project was supposed to be the “bitcoin killer” and was referred to as the “dominant” digital asset in the world. Suspicious allegations and the organized structure of the plan had led many activists in the field to warn against participating.

This design was created in September 2014. At the time, the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission had issued a statement warning of the plan. The Panzi project was based in Bulgaria but also had a Dubai-based company. Onelife Network, a subsidiary of One Quinn, was registered in Belize.

Shortly afterwards, at the end of 2016, evidence emerged that the project did not use any Blockchain technology. In 2017, US judicial authorities issued a confidential order calling for Ignatova to be arrested. After the verdict was issued, he fled and it is still unknown where he fled.

Sebastian Greenwood and Konstantin Ignatova were arrested by the judiciary in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In several cases, the US Attorney’s Office has accused the founders and operators of Van Quinn of embezzling $ 4 billion through scams from subscribers around the world.

In November 2019, Konstantin Ignatova was found guilty of money laundering, but the fate of Queen Crypto remains unclear. Now, with the release of new documents, it is said that Queen Crypto has several billion dollars in bitcoins.

Queen Crypto reportedly has a $ 500 million bank account in Dubai. In addition, he is said to have earned 230,000 bitcoins. The report claims that Ignatova received $ 11 billion in bitcoins from Sheikh Saud, the son of one of Dubai’s richest men.

The exact details of these transactions are not known, but it is said that this transaction took place in October 2017, when the price of Bitcoin was in the range of $ 6,000. Other possibilities raised in this case include a relationship of more than a “simple financial transaction” between Ignatova and Sheikh Saud.

Queen Crypto, Ferrari One Coin operator, holds 230,000 bitcoins

Rojha Ignatova had obtained diplomatic identification from the UAE government and ICAFE. Rick Steves, a financial columnist, claims in one of his articles that the footprint of Mimoun Madani, a former real estate agent, can also be found in the case. The Behind MLM report states:

Ignatova was able to do so with immunity [دیپلماتیک] To travel.

The Steves article states:

Panzi plan [وان کوین] Has transferred billions of dollars to banks and Dubai real estate industry; In Dubai, he was assisted by Sheikh Saud bin Faisal al-Qasim and Maimon Madani, a former real estate agent.

In another part of his article, Steves claims that Ignatova received thousands of bitcoins from wealthy people in the UAE in several transactions. He continues:

Sheikh Al-Qasim, in a transaction whose documents are available and approved by several people, exchanged 4 hardware wallets containing 230,000 units of Bitcoin in exchange for One Coin bank accounts, some other assets and property worth 1 Gives Ignatova a billion dollars in Dubai. One Quinn accounts in Dubai are currently blocked. The value of the bitcoins Al-Qasim gave to Ignatova was estimated at $ 50 million (at the time).

Bihaind Amalum mentions several geographical areas as Ignatova hiding places. Another possibility is his death. There have been numerous reports claiming that the UAE, Russia or Greece were Ignatova’s possible destinations. The report notes that the UAE and the United States are not cooperating in extraditing criminals.

Dr. Jonathan Levy, a lawyer for the victims of the Van Quinn project, blames the digital currency ecosystem and writes:

Lawmakers seem to turn a blind eye to the fact that the main goal [استفاده از] Digital currencies are facilitating and filling the pockets of criminals like Roja Ignatova. There is no doubt that Ignatova has made the most of the bitcoin bubble.


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