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Prosperity of proxy tokens transactions; 338% growth in weekly trading volume

Recent data show that NFT trading volume has grown significantly in the last 7 days, setting a new record. In addition, the average price of works available in the market for non-exclusive tokens has reached its historical peak.

to the Report CoinDesk, the market for digital works of art known as non-parable tokens, broke its trading volume and average price last week, especially on weekends.

OKLink, a subsidiary of OK Group, said Ethereum’s counterfeit tokens traded up $ 171 million last week, up 338 percent from the same week last month.

OpenSea, one of the most iconic tokens markets, has seen record-breaking trading volumes in the past two days. According to data from the DappRadar platform, trading volume of unique tokens in this market reached $ 35 million on July 31 and $ 49 million on August 1. Excluding trading on July 31, the average open market volume for the past month was $ 8.3 million, which reached its highest level at $ 14.4 million on July 17 (July 26).

Prosperity of proxy tokens transactions;  338% growth in weekly trading volume
Chart of volume of transactions of unparalleled tokens in the Ethereum network

CryptoPunks tokens, one of the most popular NFTs on the market, traded at $ 78.4 million over the weekend, according to OKLink. The average price of crypto punks tokens in the OpenC market has reached its historic high of 66,919 ether ($ 175,520) today.

On July 31, ArtBlocks, another popular NFT collection on the market, broke its average price record to $ 8.1216 ($ 20,990), according to OpenC.

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On Sunday, the average price of the Bored Ape Yacht Club complex reached its historic peak on the Open C platform. According to OpenC data, the average price for each of the 10,000 unique tokens in the collection on Sunday was 11,2614 ether ($ 29,200).

The New Yorker published an article on July 30 (August 8th), just one day before the board of the Yap Club Youth Club met at the Venice Beach, California, gathering to raise the series’ popularity. The group also held a simultaneous event in the virtual world of Decentraland.


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