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Prominent analyst: Solana and Ethereum record-breaking possible

One of the leading analysts on Twitter, referring to smart contract platforms such as Solana and Ethereum, believes that the price of these digital currencies may increase.

to the Report Daily Hoodel, a well-known Twitter analyst with the username Smart Contractor, predicts that Solana will mark a new historical peak. He wrote to 173,000 followers on Twitter:

Soon we will see the new historical peak of Solana. The current re-consolidation phase is not going to be on the market forever.

Solana has been firmly established among the top 10 digital currencies in the market for some time and is currently trading in the $ 163 range. Smart Contractor also announced in a tweet last week that Solana’s price could jump by 100%. According to him, after the end of the fourth wave of the five-wave uptrend of this digital currency, one can expect a jump in the pairs of Solana / Dollar and Solana / Bitcoin. He wrote about this:

I think the fourth wave will start soon on the Solana / Bitcoin chart. A similar foam has formed in the Solana / Dollar chart, and we have recently seen a re-stabilization phase at higher timeframes. [پیش‌بینی می‌کنم] Soon we will see more than 100% growth [سولانا] Let’s be.

Solana price chart
Solana price chart

Smart Counterter uses Elliott’s wave theory in its analysis. This analytical approach predicts asset prices based on the general psychology reflected in market waves. According to Elliott Wave Theory, the fourth wave is the last phase of price correction, after which we will begin the final wave of the cycle.

Ethereum Price Chart
Ethereum Price Chart

Smart Counter says about Ethereum that this digital currency still has fuel in its tank for more jumps, and crossing the $ 3,500 resistance has not bothered buyers. He wrote about this:

Great move. I think still [اتریوم] Be able to move.

Ethereum is currently hovering around $ 3,900. According to the analyst, the ether / bitcoin currency pair is currently preparing to cross 0.12 bitcoins ($ 7,355). If that happens then we will have to wait for Ethereum to jump about twice as much as Bitcoin.

Smart Counter writes in his tweet:

There are also people who see the Ether / Bitcoin market situation largely declining.

Ethereum Price Chart
Ethereum Price Chart


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