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Price analysis of coins; Ethereum, Ripple and LightQueen

After the Pulbek on Friday, many digital currencies failed to return to higher levels, and this has increased the pressure on them.


Ethereum prices fell 7.1 percent on Friday. Ethereum was up 2.5 percent on Thursday. Ethereum is currently trading in the $ 2,840 range.

Ethereum’s failure to cross $ 3,213 caused the digital currency to fall to around $ 2,735. During the fall, $ 3,066 and $ 2,978, two of Ethereum’s two most important supports, were broken. Shortly afterwards, we saw another crossing of $ 2,930, but buyers failed to stabilize at the top of the area.

Ethereum Price Chart
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Ethereum rose to $ 2,942 yesterday morning, but a failure to keep the price above that range caused the digital currency to fall below $ 2,900 again.

Ethereum is required to cross the $ 2,942 key area to continue its forward trend. After this level, $ 3,149 is another resistance that Ethereum will face. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the growth of other market segments will be significant for Ethereum, and without such market pressure, it is unlikely to return above $ 3,100.

Analysts say the $ 3,160 peak recorded on Friday is likely to act as a heavy resistance. Ethereum could rise as high as 23.6 percent to $ 3,369 if we see a big jump in the digital currency market. After this Fibonacci, $ 3,368 will act as the next resistance.

On the other hand, a break above $ 2,942, $ 2,740 (Fibonacci 38.2%) and $ 2,724 will be price support. In case of further fall, $ 2,600 and $ 2,517 will be the next price targets.

  • Main support: 2,724
  • Pivot point: 2,942
  • Main resistance: $ 3,149


LightCoin, like many other digital currencies, fell short of Friday. On this day, the price of Litecoin fell 7% to $ 152. Currently, each unit of Litecoin is traded in the range of $ 147.

In recent days, LightQueen had reached the peak of $ 166, but this growth did not last long. During this time, we saw this digital currency reach $ 167. After this jump, LightQueen fell to the bottom of $ 141.82. Yesterday, the price of Litecoin went up to $ 151 and the price peaked at $ 151.91.

Litecoin Price Chart
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In the current situation, LightQueen must cross the $ 154 pivot point. After this level is $ 165, which acts as a resistance.

Just like Ethereum, a general jump in the market can facilitate LightQueen’s uptrend. If the digital currency market grows, one can hope to break the $ 166.65 peak on Friday. After this level, Fibonacci is 23.6% at $ 178, which acts as a major resistance.

Litecoin’s failure to cross the pivot point at $ 154 paves the way for a fall to $ 141. If the selling pressure increases, the price will fall below $ 140 and reach $ 129.

  • Main Support: $ 141
  • Pivot point: $ 154
  • Main resistance: $ 165


Ripple prices fell about 6 percent on Friday and closed in the range of $ 0.94. The next day we saw a jump to above $ 1, but buyers failed to push the price above $ 1.024, and this caused the floor to fall to $ 0.88. Currently, each Ripple unit is trading in the range of $ 0.92, and compared to the last 24 hours, it has experienced a 3% decrease in price.

Yesterday, the price of Ripple peaked at $ 0.93, but traders could not stabilize the area and we saw a fall to the bottom of $ 0.93.

Ethereum Price Chart
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Ripple must cross the $ 0.94 pivot point to continue its uptrend. In this case, $ 1,009 will be the resistance in front of this digital currency. Maintaining prices above this range will require a strong presence of buyers in the market.

$ 1.00291, which is the peak on Friday, is one of the main resistances of Ripple on the chart. If the digital currency market jumps, it is likely that Ripple will reach Fibonacci 38.2% at $ 1.0659. $ 1.0602 The next resistance will be Ripple.

On the other hand, a break above $ 0.94 could lead to a fall to $ 0.88. If the selling pressure increases, the $ 0.82 support is likely to break. Fibonacci 23.6% at $ 0.85 is expected to act as a strong support and prevent further decline.

  • Main Support: $ 0.8863
  • Pivot point: 0.9446
  • Main resistance: $ 1.0019


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