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Poll: 65% of Americans like to receive their salary in digital currency

A new poll shows that most working people in the United States tend to earn their paychecks with bitcoins and digital currencies. This survey also provides interesting information on the psychological issues associated with the acceptance of digital currencies.

to the Report CryptoSlit, a research firm at Skynova, spoke with more than 1,000 employees, including 797 employees and 205 executives, to examine Americans’ perceptions of digital currency pay.

By providing billing software to small businesses, Sky Nova has measured people’s previous interest and experience in paying salaries in digital currencies. In the company’s survey, 46.9 percent of respondents have already received a salary in digital currency, and 53.9 percent have never had such experience before.

Most employed people are interested in receiving digital currency pay

The survey was conducted to examine the general attitude as well as the number of working Americans who prefer to receive their salary in Bitcoin or other digital currencies. Do Americans consider such a system a privilege, and may they leave their jobs to work in a place where they are paid in digital currency?

65% of employees answered that they are at least somewhat willing to receive their salary in digital currency. Meanwhile, more than 28% have shown more interest in this method.

Employee demographics are important, as the survey shows that 63% of middle-aged people born between 1980 and 2000 consider receiving digital currency as a bonus. Less than 10 percent said paying in digital currencies was “a very bad idea.”

Nearly one-third of respondents would prefer to quit their current job and move to another job that pays in digital currencies. However, 42.2% said they would resign if their current employers wanted to pay in digital currency.

This shows that employees are more inclined to choose newer methods themselves than to be forced to.

When asked which digital currency they would prefer to receive their salary in, most American employees, 74.3%, mentioned bitcoin. Ethereum and Dogecoin are next in line.

The results of this survey show that the common thinking about the benefits of paying salaries with digital currencies is that they are the future of the monetary system. The potential for profit and the diversity of sources of income are other benefits mentioned by the survey participants.

Extreme price fluctuations, the possibility of capital loss and the unpredictability of digital currencies are some of the issues that participants have cited as problems with paying digital currency.

Employers are also interested in paying salaries in digital currency

More than 200 participants in the survey are managers who are often responsible for hiring and paying employees.

More than 77 percent of executives said they were at least somewhat willing to pay their employees in digital currencies. This statistic shows that the number of people who want to implement this system is more than those who are willing to receive their paychecks in digital currency.

Digital currencies also play an important role in discussing employment conditions, as 48.3% of managers responsible for hiring new staff want to experience digital currencies.

Screens conducted in this survey show that managers of small and large companies are often looking for experience in digital currencies, while medium-sized companies with an average of 50 to 249 employees, are more looking for this experience.


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