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Plunby: The price of bitcoin reaches $ 5 million in the long run!

Plan B, a leading analyst in the digital currency market, has said that the price of Bitcoin will reach several million dollars after the next Hawing around 2024. According to Planby, the price of this digital currency will be much more attractive in the post-Hawing years than it was two years ago.

to the Report Crypto Potito, Plan B, a digital currency analyst and creator of the popular S2F model, still has a very upward view of the future of bitcoin.

Following the fall in the price of Bitcoin in the last 3 months, many doubts have arisen among traders and market analysts as to whether the upward trend of Bitcoin continues. However, Plan B does not pay attention to current market trends and thinks about what will happen in the future.

As you know, the flow accumulation model uses various variables such as the production, supply and evolution of bitcoin to predict the price of this digital currency.

The creator of the flow accumulation model in a recent interview with Scott Melker, also known as “The Wolf Of All Streets”, gave reasons why he believes that the price of each bitcoin unit will increase in the coming years. The $ 5 million price tag will be offered.

According to him, price corrections are considered as a natural cycle for Bitcoin, and the historical peaks of the price in one year, especially in other years, can be achieved. However, Plan B believes that the years after Howing will be much more interesting for Bitcoin than the next two years.

The plan is unspoken:

May be the price of bitcoin this year [مجدداً] Reach its historic peak and reach its peak in 2022 next year, but then in 2024 we have another hawing ahead. So 2025 and beyond will be much more exciting than the next two years. Yes, different models predict the price of accumulation flow into the Bitcoin price range between $ 1 million (accumulation model to mainstream) to $ 5 million (accumulation model to flow in combination with several assets).

The “flow accumulation model in combination with multiple assets” is an evolved version of the flow accumulation model that predicts the future value of other assets in addition to bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a long way to go to reach the $ 5 million accumulation model. Although the model had previously predicted that Bitcoin would reach $ 100,000 in August this year and will likely reach $ 228,000 by the end of the year, Plan B. said that it is more in line with the long-term bitcoin growth scenario. Coin is interested in multi-million dollar levels.

The well-known analyst said that he keeps his bitcoins and may sell a small amount of his assets only if necessary and to cross the bear markets.

By the way, my eyes are on the $ 1 million to $ 5 million levels, rather than the $ 100,000 and $ 288,000 prices, so [بیت کوین‌های خود را] I do not sell, except to cross the bear markets.

While many are surprised by the end of the bitcoin uptrend, Plan B recently predicted that $ 64,000 would not be the peak price of bitcoin. According to the quantitative analyst, inbound data and the Floor index, another Plan B price forecast tool, show that bitcoin will not be trading below $ 47,000 until the end of August.


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