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Play for money; Is Oxy Infiniti abusing users?

Citizens of developing countries who have lost their jobs during the Corona epidemic make money by playing Blockchain games such as Axie Infinity. However, some experts believe that this game is abusing its users in some way.

to the Report Crypto Globe, Oxy Infinity is one of the largest blockchain-based games on the market and has recently become a way for those who lost their jobs during the Corona epidemic.

Oxyinfiti is inspired by the famous game Pokemon, in which users can use their skills in playing video games and participating in this ecosystem to earn tokens as a reward. Players can fight each other, collect items in the game in tokens, increase their number, and build dominion territory for the Axis, or in-game character.

Third parties can easily access all the artistic assets in the game and the genetic information of the axes. This allows developers to implement their own tools and experiences in the world of Oxyfinity.

The key difference between Oxy Infinity and traditional games is that Oxy Infinity uses the Blockchain economic model to reward players who participate in the ecosystem. The Oxy Infiniti team has named this new model a “game for money”. Oxy Infiniti has already attracted thousands of players from developing countries around the world with the aim of creating a new source of income during the Corona epidemic.

According to Bloomberg, unemployed people around the world are turning to Blockchain games as a source of extra income. In his report, Bloomberg cites the efforts of Vincent Gallarte, an IT analyst who was recently fired and started playing Oxy Infiniti to make money.

Oxy Infiniti was created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese gaming company, and has opened the door to the digital currency market for its users by allowing them to collect digital currencies and NFT tokens. The project raised $ 7.5 million in May with the investment of billionaires such as Mark Cuban and Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the social network Reddit.

According to a Bloomberg report, the number of Oxy Infiniti users has exploded in the summer, rising from 30,000 daily users on April 1 to 1 million in August. The Oxy network transferred about $ 30 million a day to Ethereum last month. Most Oxy Infiniti users live in developing countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and the Philippines.

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Despite the opportunity to have an additional source of revenue created by Oxy Infiniti, some are concerned that the development of this platform will lead to negative exploitation and abuse of players. New users will first have to purchase 3 Oxies, each of which costs around $ 200, meaning they will have to set aside $ 600 just to start the game.

Vanessa Cao, founder of venture capital firm BTX Capital, told Bloomberg that the oxyinfinity model was “unhealthy and unstable.”

Chao says:

Players just to play [را آغاز] They have to pay hundreds of dollars in advance. This is a false nature. You can’t ask people to pay even before they know what the game is about.

In late July, Elliot Wainman, a well-known digital currency market analyst and influencer, said that computer games based on computer games would be the next big stimulus for the adoption of digital currencies.

He said in this regard:

I think games are the only thing that is properly separated from the digital currency ecosystem, because it only has real value when you are playing and enjoying the real game.

Weinman pointed to the tremendous growth of Oxy Infiniti blockchain-based gaming as an example of the industry’s potential, adding:

I have been saying for a long time that key users [اصلی] They are, because if you have a user, your network will grow, and if you have digital currencies with limited supply along with the growth of the network, the value of your assets will probably increase. This is a very clear way to increase the value of digital currency ecosystems.


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