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Planboy: Bitcoin will reach $ 98,000 by the end of this month

Bitcoin closed in October at a price that was 3% lower than Planb’s $ 63,000 forecast. However, Planby says that bitcoin will have a growing trend by the end of this month and could reach a peak of $ 98,000.

to the Report Cryptopotito, Planby, an analyst on the popular flow accumulation model, predicts that the price of bitcoin could rise 60 percent in the next 30 days to close to 100,000. His forecasts for the final price of bitcoin for September were very accurate and for October they were very close to the real price.

Planby is one of the most well-known analysts in the digital currency community. He is best known as an analyst of the flow accumulation model. It is worth noting that the flow accumulation model is one of the most popular and marginal bitcoin price forecasting models.

Planby believes that the price of bitcoin will reach 6 digits by the end of the year. In the analyst’s most optimistic scenario, Bitcoin will reach $ 288,000 in the next 60 days.

According to Planby, in the worst-case scenario, the December target is $ 135,000 and the November target is $ 98,000. According to this scenario, bitcoin will reach over $ 100,000 by the end of the year. It should not be forgotten that Planby did not use the accumulation model to describe the worst-case scenario.

If this digital currency really wants to reach such a price at the end of November, it should grow 60% from its current price. Although such a thing may seem difficult and impossible at first, Bitcoin has proven in the past that it can experience such fluctuations. In October alone, bitcoin grew by more than 40%.

On November 1, Planby tweeted:

$ 47,000 in August – (achieved)

$ 43,000 in September – (Achieved)

$ 61,000 in October; Closing at a New Monthly Price Peak (Achieved)

3% rounding error; [همین عدد هم] Enough for me [به عدد به‌دست‌آمده] it’s close.

Next goals: November: more than 98 thousand dollars, December: more than 135 thousand dollars

When studying this analyst’s predictions, it is good to look at the history of his previous predictions. In the “worst case scenario” mentioned, bitcoin was predicted to reach $ 47,000 by the end of August before reaching $ 43,000 by the end of September.

Surprisingly, both of these predictions came true. He predicted that Bitcoin would close at $ 63,000 in October. However, the digital currency closed at $ 61,000.

Many people who have invested in Bitcoin, and even people like Jordan Belfort, known as Greg Wall Street and formerly a critic of this digital currency, predict that the price of Bitcoin will rise rapidly to $ 100,000. . The same is true of the predictions of Adam Bac, CEO of Chainalysis, and Anthony Scaramucci, of Anthony Scaramucci.


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