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Plan to determine how digital currencies work in the way of parliament

The head of the economic commission of the parliament announced the preparation of a report following the activity in the field of digital currencies in the parliament. He believes that if the deputies agree, efforts will be made to pass the bill as a law.

According to digital currency and to Quoted In an interview with this news agency, Mohammad Reza Poorabrahimi, referring to the assignment of activities in the form of digital currencies in the Economic Commission of the Parliament, stated:

The Economic Commission has sent a final report in this regard and recently sent this report to the presidium of the parliament for reading in the court, but it seems that this report will be read in public after the review of the budget bill.

He emphasized:

One of the most important measures assigned in this regard goes back to the nature of cryptocurrency production.

Poorabrahimi stated that the products of these currencies are foreign exchange issues, and said:

This issue can help us in the context of sanctions, but in this regard, the entry of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy and Finance is necessary to prevent issues such as money laundering operations in this area.

He clarified:

In the final report, we emphasized that every person who was able to generate a currency code must provide his / her activity information directly to the Central Bank so that the Central Bank can settle it through authorized exchange offices. does not have.

The head of the parliament’s economic commission said that the central bank and the Ministry of Economy and Finance should have special supervision over the currency code:

Naturally, this issue can be considered as a basis.

The MP stated:

This report aims to clarify the scope of activities of the currency code from licensing to production and supervision, so if this report is approved by the representatives, we will try to turn these cases into legal provisions in the form of a plan.


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