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Oxy Infiniti users have earned $ 800 million in the last 30 days

Following the massive growth of the NFT market, last month users of the Axie Infinity blockbuster game’s revenue from the game’s token sales reached $ 800 million.

to the Report Daily Hoodel, users of the Blockchain game Oxy Infiniti have earned $ 800 million over the past 30 days, and this position shows the growing popularity of games based on unique tokens.

Developed by Sky Mavis, the online game provides a platform for users to earn money by buying, breeding and selling creatures called Axie, each of which represents a unique token. . Each time one of these shares is purchased by a user, the proceeds of the sale are deposited in a treasury managed by the AXS Token Investor Association. It is worth noting that AXS is the main token of the Oxy Infinity protocol.

According to CryptoSlam, an analytics website, Oxy Infiniti has sold more than $ 1.65 billion in total, and more than 3.8 million transactions have been made so far. This puts Oxy Infiniti at the top of the NFT bestseller list.

In addition, the price of the main Oxy Infinity protocol token has risen nearly $ 100 from $ 42 to $ 74 over the past month.

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Built on the blockchain of Ethereum, Oxy Infiniti is part of the boom in video games during the quarantine and coronavirus epidemic. Many workers around the world, who lost their jobs after the Corona epidemic, now make full-time income through online gambling.

An IT analyst in the Philippines has said that he started playing Oxy Infiniti from the day his employer terminated his contract and is now very happy about it.

Overall, the market for unique tokens has grown significantly in 2021. The total sales of this market until June (June) was 2.5 billion dollars, while the sales of August (August) of unique tokens have exceeded 2 billion dollars.


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