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Only 10 people have about $ 10 billion in Ethereum supply

Ethereum’s reserves of 10 large whales are estimated at approximately $ 10 billion; But the type of investment they make suggests that some of them are not so satisfied.

The latest findings from the Covalent project, published in the biweekly news magazine Cointelegraph Consulting, examine the behavior of ETH whales. to the the report According to the Coin Telegraph, these data show that the top 10 Ethereum whales have about 5 million ethers, and more than 25% of this capital belongs to the largest whale. The interesting thing is that the wallet address of this whale does not seem very old and this person has started his purchase since 2019. Of course, this is not only true of the largest Ethereum whale, but also of the other seven whales on the list. They have the amount of ether, they have been examined).

Apart from the amount of Ethereum capital of these whales, another defining feature of this group is their investment behavior pattern. The behavior of this group so far has shown that they do not intend to sell their ethers and in fact have invested in increasing the price of these ethers in the future.

The data show that the owners of these addresses have not yet sold a significant amount of ether or traded with their ether. As you can see, four of these 10 whales bought more ether last year.

Only 10 people have about $ 10 billion in Ethereum supply
10 Ethereum whales account for 9.3% of the total Ethereum

The largest whales, on the other hand, follow a different pattern in terms of the total value of their assets held (ether, coins, and other tokens). Nine of these 10 whales, in addition to ether, also have ERC-20 tokens and have been trading various tokens continuously since 2017.

Their extensive portfolio includes assets such as Uniswap, Wrapped Bitcoin and BNB, which are popular ERC-20 tokens.

Of course, this report also addresses other issues, such as the capital raised in the Ethereum Blockchain over the past two weeks, and the issue of counterfeit tokens, or NFTs. Transactions in both One Inch v3 (1 Inch v3) and Uniswap v2 (Uniswap v2) platforms are also reviewed in this report prior to the release of the upcoming third in UniSwap. These studies show that, on average, transaction fees on Uniswap were 0.8 percent of the value of each transaction, while One-inch version 3 users paid an average of only 0.3 percent of the value of each transaction as a fee.

The share of unique tokens in the Ethereum market

Statistics show that in the past two weeks, NFT games accounted for 76% of the capital raised in the Ethereum Blockchain, raising about $ 431 million in at least nine investment contracts; Statistics show that the phenomenon of paradoxical tokens is not a joke.

However, 93% of this capital raised by gaming and NFT companies comes from a single contract. Examples of these gaming and NFT companies include Dapper Labs. DeepLabs is the company behind the popular NBA Top Shot digital collectibles platform, which raised $ 305 million in private equity in a $ 2.6 billion fundraiser.

Only 10 people have about $ 10 billion in Ethereum supply
Fundraising activities from March 26 to April 7


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