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One of the largest food brands in the United States supports Dogecoin

The American food manufacturer Slim Jim, which has played a significant role in the growth of this digital currency in the past three months with the support of Dogecoin, announced its support for this digital currency. Dodge did not take Quinn to the “moon”, he did not give up.

to the the report Quinn Desk, Slim Jim’s support for Dogecoin, released early Thursday, pushed the digital currency price to a new all-time high.

The CEO of Conarga Brands, the food company ‘s parent company, said that after the company, which is active in social media, started participating in the production of content for Dogecoin in the first quarter of 2021, the number of its Twitter followers increased by 160%. And the number of impressions of its users reached 35 million in 25 days.

Sean Connolloy told the company’s session:

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in audience engagement, including direct engagement and support from someone who made Dogecoin.

Given the current turmoil in the digital currency market, the announcement early Thursday was enough to almost double Dogecoin from 13.6 cents to 25 cents. In recent trading, Dodge has retreated to 24.4 cents, but still increased by 83.4% compared to yesterday and 4300% compared to the first of this year.

Connolly gave Dogecoin special credentials at the meeting, saying the digital currency “played a big role” in Slim Jim’s eventual victory over brands in the commercial magazine Adweek.

Apparently, this is the first time Dogecoin’s name has been mentioned in a company’s revenue reporting meeting, and it is certainly the first time that a public company has adopted a loyal strategy about Dodge. This shows how Dogecoin has become a serious business, but at the same time has remained true to its original role as a ridiculous meme coin.

Dodge Coin, one of the first bitcoin-based currencies to grow, has reached a new all-time high following the widespread growth of the digital currency market following the public offering of shares of Coinbase on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. It became more.

The fact that Dogecoin is trading at new levels is a fact that Slim Jim’s social media team does not want its audience to forget.

Canoli said the Slim Jim community is built on memes, which is clearly the foundation of Dogecoin. The Dogecoin Army is pumping up its popular digital currency with the release of Meem Behind Another Meem. Some of these memes have been produced by Slim Jim since March.


Slim Jim’s Twitter account has established a friendly relationship with digital currency fans to this point. The Dogecoin Twitter family has been in contact with the company since early March, according to the company.

Konagra CEO Connolly said the “moon” was not enough for Slim Jim and that the company would not give up until it reached Mars.

He stated:

We are excited about this and look forward to more digital currency related activities in the future.


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