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NYDIG CEO: Governments are looking to buy bitcoins

Robert Gutmann, CEO of New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), says state-owned funds may be buying bitcoins soon.

to the the report In another part of his speech, Guttmann told the Telegraph that his company was in talks with some national wealth funds about the possibility of investing in Bitcoin.

Guttman was speaking on a podcast featuring Raoul Pal, an investment strategist and founder of Real Vision.

Confirming Guttman’s remarks, Paul said that the Singaporean National Wealth Fund, Temasek, has been investing in bitcoin for some time. He added that the fund currently has about $ 306 billion in assets under its management. He says he buys bitcoin contacts directly from miners.

In a tweet on Thursday, Paul referred to the imminent arrival of national wealth funds in the Bitcoin area as a “money wall.”

For some time now, big companies like Micro Strategy and Tesla have been buying bitcoins, and now many are talking about the possibility of governments entering the field.

Guttman went on to say that Bitcoin is attractive to public corporations and national wealth funds, and that there are similar reasons for this attractiveness. According to him, institutional investors are looking to use bitcoin to protect their commitments against the devaluation of the dollar.

Guttman believes that investors are currently reviewing their portfolios. He continued:

If you look at this issue in a forward-looking way and put yourself in the shoes of an investment committee or an investment allocation committee, and all of your capital is depreciating from your dollar liabilities, it makes sense to ask if this is the case. [خرید بیت کوین] Is it logical or not?

Last year, Micro-Strategy CEO Michael Saylor, while buying bitcoins from his company, said that the long-term value of bitcoins is greater than the value of cash, which is depreciating day by day.

Russ Koesterich, portfolio manager at BlackRock Investment Funds, said it was an exaggeration to say that gold was a safe haven from inflation.

Bitcoin is currently trading in the $ 55,100 range, up about 5.5 percent. The market value of the king of digital currencies is more than $ 1 trillion.


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