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Not Mr. Palmer; Please cut this short!

Jackson Palmer, one of the founders of the popular digital currency Dogecoin these days, recently tweeted his frustration with the digital currency industry. According to the American software engineer, the digital currency industry is a capitalist technology born to protect the assets of wealthy people against things like taxes.

This article is inspired by Notes Written by John Mac Ghlionn on the Coin Telegraph website, we intend to examine Mr. Palmer’s recent remarks and compare them with the facts. The author of this memo is a researcher and analyst of an acquaintance whose articles have been published in reputable sources such as Bitcoin Magazine, New York Post, Sydney Morning and National Review. .

Digital currencies; Defenders of the capitalist system or its opponents?

Everything we kill is under Twitter; A popular social network that you are probably one of the users of. Twitter was launched almost 15 years ago and today is still one of the most popular and influential media in the world.

Everything was very good in those early days; Twitter had a friendly environment full of articles (videos) and useful (or at least funny) content for users. But now, 15 years later, everything seems to have changed. Douglas Murray wrote an article on the subject “How Twitter ruined everything” Published starting with this sentence:

Everything started very well from the beginning!

It really is. Jack Dorsey’s interesting invention seemed a lot of fun at first. People sometimes used this platform to write strange things; But the weird stuff that most «Funny“They were, not”Biased»!

But now almost everything has changed; The virtual paradise created in the early years of Twitter has now been replaced by a hell full of hatred; The formerly charming and lovable environment has become a nightmare of a society full of deception and injustice; Energetic videos and funny internet memes have now given way to deceptive and biased tweets and comments.

As if it is not our hand! When we have popular media like Twitter, we want to expose 280 characters at any cost; Launch social trends; Ride on a pre-planned wave, and wherever there is a plan of destruction and irony, we must be active. Let me be clear:

We want attention; It does not matter at what price! It doesn’t even matter if it is positive or negative.

I think Jackson Palmer, the creator of DOGE Quinn, is also paying attention these days. A few weeks ago, he finally managed to attract the attention of digital currency fans by publishing a series of detailed tweets criticizing and denouncing digital currencies.

Palmer makes digital currencies “Inherently a technology that supports the capitalist system and the ruling class of society” Called. The entire digital currency industry, he said, is a lucrative scam that exploits the naivete of the low-income class. In this tweet, which he published on July 14 (July 23), he wrote:

The digital currency industry uses a network of dubious business connections. The network has bought influencers and the media to temptGetting rich overnightTo establish a new source of income for itself among the desperate and naive.

Not Mr. Palmer;  Please cut this short!

But not Mr. Palmer; You have been sent a mistake. With these sentences you have described exactly the world we live in now! Currently, the wealth of the world’s 2,000 largest billionaires is greater than the combined wealth of the world’s 5 billion people.

Incidentally, the existence of these discriminations was one of the main reasons for the birth of bitcoin and digital currencies in general. Our world today is developed in a way that allows rich people to benefit even at the expense of others. These words may seem a bit exaggerated; But believe me it is true.

In a world where corruption is rampant, digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have brought hope back to society; Especially to all the fish that we are not among these billionaires. “We” means 7.8 billion people in the world.

There are no specific barriers to entering the world of digital currencies; All you need to do is take the time to gain some basic knowledge and study in this area and have the initial amount of capital to get started. Then you can work in the digital currency market and make a good profit.

Of course, like everything else in life, the world of digital currencies has its own dangers and you have to be careful in it; Bitcoin, like any other market that deals with supply and demand, has its ups and downs. The flow of digital currencies, like the flow of stock exchanges and forex, has its own opportunists and surfers. All of this is normal, but questioning the entire digital currency market (as Mr. Palmer did) is neither logical nor interesting.

Digital currency; Technology that will be the voice of the silent

Not Mr. Palmer;  Please cut this short!

When we talk about “profiteering”, it is not bad to mention traditional banking services; Systems that are probably the biggest profiteers and exploiters in history.

Immigrants around the world lose about $ 25 billion a year in remittance fees to their home countries, all of which come from intermediaries such as the Western Union. When people are under such pressure, why should they not accept digital currencies as a better alternative to the traditional method? In any case, it is clear that an alternative to such intermediaries is essential.

According to a recent United Nations report, the living expenses of about 11 percent of the world’s population are provided by the budget that migrant workers send to their families. The report states:

Currently, about 1 billion people in the world (or 1 in 7) are involved in sending or receiving international remittances. Of that 1 billion, about 800 million are recipients of remittances sent to them by family members (who have immigrated to work in other countries).

In other words, about 800 million people worldwide will welcome a suitable alternative to Western Union. Aren’t these alternatives the same as digital currencies?

The following is the report:

This money (money sent from other countries) is very important to help millions of people and save them from poverty. A large part of a family’s total income depends on money sent to them from other countries, and this is very important to them.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. The items I am referring to are not dreamy and far-fetched designs. The fact is that the current system is full of problems and definitely needs a lot of changes.

According to the Pew Research Center, class differences between America’s richest and poorest families have more than doubled since 1989. This distance is increasing day by day. While Amazon employees are suffering from poverty, Jeff Bezos, their billionaire boss (albeit former boss), is competing in space with Richard Branson. That is why we say that the future must change and the page must return!

With that said, can digital currencies improve the current situation? Yes; But how? By giving power and monetary democracy to the weaker sections and by giving financial independence to the vulnerable members of society.

Of course, not all digital currencies are the same and are not built for the same purpose. For every bitcoin or ether there is, we have a meaningless digital currency that has no specific purpose and is known for relying on the names and pictures of funny dogs. Yes, Mr. Palmer; Please remind yourself before questioning the entire digital currency market!


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