North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

Country in East Asia

  • population:

    25,625,179 people

  • Area:

    120,540 square kilometers

  • Internet penetration:

  • National currency:

    North Korean won

  • Type of government:

    Democratic Republic

  • President:

    Kim Jong-un

  • Capital:


  • Tongue:


  • Economic Growth:

  • Digital Currency Legislation:

    Not legislated

  • Digital Currency Tax:


  • Digital currency payment:


  • National digital currency:


  • ICO:

    Not legislated

  • Anti-Money Laundering Rules for Crypto:


North Korea

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is a country in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. Its capital and largest city is Pyongyang. It shares borders with South Korea to the south, the People’s Republic of China to the north, and Russia to the northeast.

The government and the central bank have not yet issued an official statement on digital currency legislation.

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