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Nobody, the famous Iranian rapper, sold the cover of the album “Asphalt Forest” for 190 ethers

Nobody, Iranian Hip-Hop Artist Foundation ( Contracted and sold it for 190 ethers.

According to Arzdigital, Soroush Lashkari, with the artistic name of Nobody, registered the unique token “Asphalt Jungle” on the Foundation platform on April 6 (ie 6 days ago), and yesterday, April 11, the auction of this token with a base price of 1 Ether began.

According to the description of this token, Asphalt Forest is the first Persian hip-hop (rap) album that was officially recorded in the studio in 2006. Nobody has introduced Mahdiar Aghajani, the composer and his old band, as the designer of this work.

Nobody, the famous Iranian rapper, sold the cover of the album
Asphalt Forest NFT Token Auction Page on Foundation website

The token auction lasted 24 hours and finally sold today, April 12, at a price of 190.0 ether (ETH) equivalent to $ 402.743. The buyer of this NFT token is the 3FMusic Foundation.

A few hours ago, no one announced on the official Telegram channel the end of the auction and the official transfer of this token to 3FMusic and said:

We really did not expect such a reception from this auction. Many thanks to all the friends who (supported us) and stood by us all these years. Many thanks to 3FMusic for their outstanding support for independent art. We hope this will be the beginning of a way for monetizing free art.

Earlier this month, no one released the NFT token cover for their latest album called “Authorized” on the platform. Open (Opensea) had put it up for auction, but hours later it removed the token from the OpenSite website due to a dispute with the graphic designer.


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