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Niwag accepted the American online store Dogecoin as a payment method

Newegg online store, after introducing the payment option with Bitcoin in 2014 (2014), has now added Dodge Coin to its payment options.

to the the report Quinn Telegraph, a Nivag online store that sells electronics and computers, has added Dogecoin as its official payment method. The move follows an increase in the share of this Meem-based digital currency.

Niwag announced on Tuesday that the company has added a new payment option through the Bitcoin digital currency payment platform.

Niwag also announced that this new feature was unveiled at the same time as Doge Day. The Digital Currency Society has named April 20 “Dodge Day” and the day is celebrated by Dogecoin fans. According to online reports, supporters of this digital currency apparently hope that its price will reach one dollar on this special day.

A Dogecoin fan on Twitter, using the online username Dodge, wrote on Twitter:

We are becoming a legend today.

“The undeniable acceleration of Dodge’s value is undeniable,” said Andrew Choi, chief executive officer of Niwag.

The recent rise in the value of Dogecoin underscores the need to make it easier for customers to shop using this popular digital currency.

In 2014, Niwag became one of the first large online stores to adopt Bitcoin as a payment method with the participation of Bitcoin. The company first expanded this payment option in the United States and then in more than 70 countries.

Choi added:

We are committed to facilitating the buying process for our customers so that they can make their purchase with any option they wish. This means that we allow them to complete their transaction with any payment method that suits them. That’s why we’re glad to offer Dogecoin fans a simple way to shop for technology-related products online.

Nivag online store is accepting payment through Dogecoin, while this digital currency has been on the rise of insanity and has grown by 480% in the last seven days alone. On April 19, the Dogecoin reached $ 50 billion for the first time in its history, hitting a new record high of 0.45.


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