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NFT $ 1 million mistakenly sold for $ 19,000!

Yesterday, a $ 1.5 million token from CryptoPunks (NFT) was sold for $ 19,300 due to a seller error. It is possible that the buyer of this NFT somehow bribed the miner in charge of processing this transaction so that he could place his purchase order as soon as possible.

to the Report Crypto Briefing Someone recently bought a rare token from Crypto Punx’s unparalleled tokens collection for much less than its real value. The NFT, which is the 7557 token of the Crypto Punks collection, sold for about $ 19,300 yesterday at 4.44 Ethereum.

This NFT is one of the rarest tokens in the Larva Labs crypto-punk suite and one of the most valuable and popular NFTs on the Ethereum network. Each of the crypto punks characters has features that distinguish it from the other tokens in this series. Token No. 7557 is one of the 55 characters in the 10,000 Crypto Punks series, whose character has a crown on his head, which makes this NFT one of the most valuable parts of this series.

The last sale of one of the crowned characters in the series dates back to last week, when one of the 55 tokens sold for 196.69 Ethereums for $ 828,000. In August, several of these NFTs in particular were sold for between 150 and 275 Ethereums.

Although this sale is done at a relatively low price, token number 7557 is not less expensive than other crown tokens in this collection. The token was sold in July for less than 60 Ethereums, which at the time was a typical figure for an NFT crypto punk. But since then, the NFT has received several offers over $ 1 million.

NFT $ 1 million mistakenly sold for $ 19,000!
The $ 1 million NFT image that was mistakenly sold at a lower price

Data from the Etherscan website shows that the buyer of the Ethereum 3.3 token paid a miner from the “f2pool” pool for the transaction. It should be noted that miners usually receive less Ethereum as transaction processing fees. As Twitter user bigshades.eth said, this was probably because they were using a robot and intended to bribe Miner to process their transaction faster and as soon as it was released. NFT Record their price offer.

Of course, it is also possible that the owner of this NFT mistakenly sold his token for 4.44 Ethereums instead of 444 Ethereums, as the 444 Ethereums are closer to the price of other similar tokens. Because Ethereum transactions are irreversible, once the miner adds the transaction to the block, the owner can no longer prevent the token from being sold.

Interestingly, the buyer’s Ethereum wallet history shows that he has made several offers to buy cryptocurrencies in recent months. In September, the address registered a Wei 1 order to purchase one of the NFTs in the series. It should be noted that each Wei is equal to 0.000000000000000000001 Ethereum. Including the transaction fee, the buyer has spent a total of about 7.8 Ethereums to buy this NFT. There are currently only four crowned NFTs on the Larva Labs market, the cheapest of which is 350 Ethereums, or about $ 1.5 million.

The 7557 token sale is not the only amazing sale of the Crypto Punks collection in recent weeks. Last week, a rare punk named Wild White Hair sold for more than $ 500 million after a buyer used a Flash Loan to make a fake deal.

Since Visa announced in September that it had purchased a crypto punk token, many of the tokens in the collection have been selling for millions of dollars. The company paid Ethereum $ 150,000 to buy its NFT crypto punk, which increased the total price of the tokens in the collection, and the reference media published reports about the purchase.


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