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New US Treasury Secretary: Illegal use of digital currencies is a “concern”

Janet Yellen, جو Joe Biden’s nominee for US Treasury Secretary and former Federal Reserve Chairman, said in the first Senate vote of confidence that digital currencies are a special concern for law enforcement and charges such as use for purposes. Money laundering and other financial crimes affect these emerging assets.

To Report “The Block” was made by Yellen in response to a question from Sen. Maggie Hassan about technical threats related to financial terrorism and the Treasury Department’s new approach to tackling illegal financial activities. In her question, Maggie Hassan specifically mentioned digital currencies as a potential threat, and Yellen endorsed her remarks.

In another part of his speech, Yellen said:

I think a lot of digital currencies are used, at least in transactions that serve financial crimes.

He added that governments should find new ways to prevent money laundering on digital currency-based platforms.

The exact date of the vote of no confidence in the new US Treasury nominee has not yet been announced, but according to Bloomberg News, we will probably have to wait until Thursday.


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