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New rules for extracting digital currencies have been announced

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, the spokesman of the country’s electricity industry, in his conversation yesterday, announced the development of new regulations for the extraction of digital currencies. According to him, in addition to dividing the year into a time division, digital currency mining centers can use four methods to supply electricity to their centers.

According to Digital Currency and to Quoted Mr. Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi from the economic group of Tavanir Radio and Television News Agency added:

According to this communiqué, the power supply of the cryptocurrency extraction center is possible in four ways, which are the responsibility of the applicant.

Four methods of power supply for Ramzarz extraction centers

Rajabi Mashhadi said:

Supply of electricity through a) investment in electricity consumption optimization projects, b) supply of electricity through renewable power plants (both existing and new), c) connection to the grid and purchase of energy from the electricity company or d) by installation and operation of generators Thermal is one of the four defined methods that applicants can choose to supply electricity to their centers.

The times of the year were divided into three types

Electricity industry spokesman added:

In the new directive, which was announced with amendments, the times of the year are divided into three categories: type one (critical peak), type two (load limit) and type 3 (normal), each of which has its own tariff.

Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi said about type one or critical peak times:

This period refers to times when there is a possibility of blackouts due to insufficient production capacity compared to the peak demand. The minimum amount of critical hours is equal to 300 hours and in accordance with Note 2 of Article 4 of Resolution No. 58144 dated 13/05/1398, the esteemed Board of Ministers of Electricity Sales through the network is currently prohibited for subscribers to extract passwords.

He also said about the conditions of type two or load limit:

These times are outside of type one (critical peak) times and are a maximum of 2,700 hours, which are determined and announced by Tavanir Company based on the restrictions on fuel supply to power plants, electricity supply and other laws and regulations in the country.

Rajabi Mashhadi also said about type 3 or normal times:

These include all seasons of the year except type one (critical peak) and double (limited).

Electrical tariffs for cryptocurrencies

The spokesman of the electricity industry in the field of electricity tariffs of foreign exchange code mining centers also said:

According to the new communiqué, the price of each kilowatt hour of electricity consumed by Ramzarz extraction centers is set at 16,574 Rials, which will be calculated with a factor of half in type 3 (normal) times and with a factor of 2 in type 2 (limited) times. .

He also added:

The tariff set based on the average export price of electricity and the exchange rate of the Nima system is amended and updated once every three months by Tavanir Company and its report is sent to the Ministry of Energy.

Incentives from the Ministry of Energy for Ramzarz extraction centers

A spokesman for the electricity industry also said about some of the discounts planned for these centers:

The price of electricity received from voltage levels of 400 and 230 kV with a 20% discount and from voltage levels of 132, 66 and 63 with a discount of 12% will be calculated. Also, the electricity consumption of the cryptocurrency extraction centers, which are connected to the extraction ponds in the country according to the approval of the competent authorities, in addition to the mentioned voltage reductions, will be subject to another 15% discount.

Rajabi Mashhadi added:

All cryptocurrency mining units that have completed their construction period and have started their unit and have started their activities are obliged to convert the establishment license into an exploitation license at the request of the Ministry of Silence. Workshop) and the cost of exceeding the power of the construction period will be charged from the subscriber.


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