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New data shows digital currency scams and hacks broken record this year

Scams and hacking of various platforms is not a new story in the field of digital currencies, however, every time we hear news like this, we are surprised! The data show that with the onset of the bullish market, the number of hacks and scams in the field of digital currencies is increasing. 2021 has been one of the rising years for the digital currency market so far. Recent reports suggest that this year’s scams are expected to break previous records.

to the Report With the rise in the price of digital currencies in recent months, the number of scams has also increased. Rising prices act as a stimulus for fraudsters and hackers; Because in this case, they pocket more money. In this regard, new data predict that this year we will see a new record in the field of fraud and hacker attacks.

The previous record in this field is related to 2021. Last year, 32 cases of fraud and hacking were officially registered, and this number is expected to increase this year. In the past eight months, 32 attacks and scams have been officially registered, and there are still six months left until the end of this year. On the other hand, the bullish situation of the market increases the probability of these events.

Crypto Head data show that since 2017, we have seen an increase in attacks and scams in the field of digital currencies every year. In 2016, only 5 cases of fraud and hacking were officially registered, while in 2017 this number reached 21 cases.

In addition, fraudulent attacks and schemes are being carried out with increasing skill. Hackers and attackers now use more advanced tools that make it harder to track and capture them. Their number is expected to reach 38 this year.

On average, in 2017 alone, attackers stole $ 223.5 million. It was a record $ 4.7 billion that year through fraud and theft of criminals.

Despite the increase in the number of scams and hacks in 2020, the volume of stolen funds is estimated at $ 1.8 billion. It is estimated that $ 2.9 billion has been stolen from users so far this year. The 610 million hack of Pali Network was the biggest hack of 2021.

In these attacks, the attackers’ focus on stealing digital currencies has been a market indicator; Because it is much easier to cash them than other currencies. About one-third of these security breaches are aimed at stealing currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, of which 12.8% were for Ethereum. In addition, 9.2 percent of attacks were carried out to steal unknown currencies and 7.4 percent to steal ERC20-based tokens.


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