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New data: Digital currency users have doubled in the last 4 months

Recent estimates from Cryptodatcom show that the number of digital currency users has doubled in the past four months. We should not forget that the increase in the number of users from 65 million to 100 million took about 9 months.

to the Report In January and February 2021, Bitcoin had the largest share in the growth of digital currencies. In May, high-altitude quinces such as the Dogecoin and Shiba Ino increased the number of users in the field from 143 million to 221 million.

In the Cryptodatcom report we read:

New competitors such as stock proof protocols and meme coins showed great potential in May, especially after restrictions were imposed on bitcoin mining.

Cryptodatcom states that in its analysis, it has used data within the Bitcoin and Ethereum chains, reviewing its survey results and internal data. The company has collected data from 24 digital currency platforms. However, the report emphasizes that while they have found an updated research method to provide more accurate estimates than the previous version, this method still has several limitations and weaknesses.

While Bitcoin, Coin and Ethereum have dominated the market for a total of 80% since the beginning of this year, last month they fell to ٪ 61, while other coin domination fell from 20% to ٪ 38. .

Digital currency users

Researchers at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance less than a year ago found that the rate of new user arrivals was increasing exponentially. At that time, 101 million people around the world were using digital currencies, which was much more than the research of the center two years ago, which estimated the number of users at 35 million.

Acknowledging the limitations of their research method, Cryptodatcom writes:

Although our approach has limitations, we believe for some reason that this estimate provides a reliable approximation of the number of holders of encrypted assets worldwide.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 41,521 per unit, up 5% from the last 24 hours. Ethereum traded up 2% at $ 2,400. Bitcoin currently has a market share of. 46.74.


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