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New data: 66% of Dogecoin owners are in profit

Recent data show that with a 20% increase in Dogecoin price earlier this week, 66% of the digital currency addresses are now in profit.

to the Report YouTube, analyst firm IntoTheBlock, tweeted that three-quarters of all digital currency addresses are now profitable due to the Dogecoin price increase earlier this week.

The Intodeblock team tweeted after the recent rise in Dogecoin prices that more than 66% of Dogecoin addresses are now profitable; This is something that probably makes some of the most popular investors in the market happy.

It should be noted that this data was obtained from the analysis of the status of Dogecoin’s profit and loss addresses.

Dogecoin hit a record high of 0.70 on May 8, before Tesla CEO Ilan Musk, one of the world’s top five richest men, appeared on Saturday Night Live for the first time. Your dollar arrived.

The Dogecoin market has since fallen sharply, and since July 22 (July 31) the price has been fluctuating in the range of $ 0.19. However, a 20% increase in the first few days of this week once again pushed the Dogecoin above $ 0.25.


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