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“National Cryptocurrencies” to be implemented with specific support and in an experimental form

Asghar Salimi, a member of the parliament’s economic commission, said parliament did not oppose the pilot implementation of the national digital currency plan. He believes that Iran’s national digital currency should have oil-like backing.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From ISNA, Salimi about the possible launch of the national digital currency by the Central Bank، Has said:

The issue of setting up national cryptocurrencies has not yet been raised in the parliament in the form of a plan, and the whole idea has been raised by the governor of the central bank in the parliament’s economic commission, arguing that cryptocurrencies are growing in the world and people around the world can easily They use it, but this capacity is not used in Iran.

He added:

Given that national cryptocurrencies do not yet have a specific law and cryptocurrencies are not protected, we believe [باید] Define national cryptocurrencies with specific mechanisms and with the support of oil and و and implement it experimentally in the country. If the implementation of the National Cryptography Project is successful, we can strengthen and develop this idea.

A member of the parliament’s economic commission said:

Currently, the issue of national codes in the Economic Commission has been raised by the Governor of the Central Bank, and this commission will conduct the necessary studies in this regard next month and will provide the necessary solutions for its implementation.

Salimi said in the end:

If we make better use of our internal capacities, we can provide people with a native version of the cryptocurrencies so that they can invest in a safe, legal and supported place. When it has the backing of oil, it also has economic benefits, and if the issue of the national currency code is implemented on a trial basis in the country and its strengths and weaknesses are identified, we have no objection to it, and if it has backing, people will support it.


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