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Nasim Talib, prominent author: I sold my bitcoins!

Nasim Talib, author of the powerful book Black and an active Twitter figure, tweeted last night that he had sold all his bitcoins.

to the Report Descript, Nasim tweeted the reasons for selling his bitcoins, saying that the price of goods could not be determined with bitcoins. He wrote about this:

I’m getting rid of my bitcoins. Why? A currency has never been more volatile than what you buy and sell.

Commodity prices cannot be determined with Bitcoin.

Accordingly, [بیت کوین] Is a failure (at least for now).

In another part of his tweet, he mentioned the outbreak of the Corona virus as a key factor in increasing attention to this digital currency. According to him, anti-socialists who deny Covid 19 have done so with the skill of a “single-celled being.”

Talib’s recent approach shows a change in his recent 180-degree approach to digital currencies. Last year, he wrote to his compatriots in response to the bans on the Lebanese currency:

Use digital currencies.

He had previously criticized Coin Bass in a tweet, saying he planned to close his account on the website.

In 2018, Taliban described bitcoin as an “asset” and described it as a “great” idea.

An hour ago, he published a video criticizing the sharp fluctuations in the price of bitcoin and said that no one wants to deal with these fluctuations.


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