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Mr. Gax; A hamster that trades better than Warren Buffett!

Mr Goxx is the name of a well-known trader whose trading returns have been higher than the shares of the world’s leading companies and of course Warren Buffett Investment Company, one of the richest and most successful investors in history. The interesting thing is that this trader is a hamster!

According to Digital Currency and quoting various sources, Mr. Gax is famous for two reasons; First, he has surpassed many professional investors in terms of trading returns, and second, he is a hamster!

This trader also has an office next to his usual cage. Every day that Mr. Gax enters his office, a live video program is launched on the Twitch social network, and the hamster’s Twitter account informs his followers that Mr. Gax has started a trading session.

He chooses to buy and sell by walking on a digital currency wheel. The cursor of this wheel moves between the names of different currencies, and on each name that is stopped, that currency is selected for the transaction. Mr. Gax’s office has two tunnels, one for shopping and one for registering sales orders.

The electronic tool attached to Mr. Gax’s office trades according to his decisions. In this way, if it passes through the purchase tunnel, it registers the purchase order and if it passes through the sales tunnel, it sells the asset.

Mr. Gax;  A hamster that trades better than Warren Buffett!
Picture of an office that Mr. Gax owners designed for their hamster

The idea for this activity comes from two German men who are about 30 years old and prefer to keep their identities secret.

They said:

We feel that everything is very expensive these days and it has become very difficult to save despite the amount we have to pay to rent a house. It seems that many of our contemporaries have no choice but to enter their savings into [بازار] They do not have digital currency [این در حالی است که بسیاری از آنها] An idea of ​​this [بازار] Do not have.

They talk about how this idea was formed:

We were joking about whether our hamster could make smarter investment decisions than humans.

The name Mr. Gax itself refers to the potential dangers of the digital currency market. Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest digital currency exchange, was attacked by hackers a few years ago. Hundreds of thousands of bitcoins were stolen from Matt Gax’s account in the attack, and the exchange was eventually forced to file for bankruptcy.

How much has Mr. Gax made so far?

Mr. Gax started on June 12 with 326 euros and the purchase of Stellar digital currency. After a month and 95 orders were placed, Gax inventory fell 7.3 percent. However, the overall trading yield of this bold hamster as of September 27 (October 5) was 19.41%.

Protos website calculations show that Mastergax trades were higher than major stock markets, such as the Financial Times Top 100 (FTSE100), Dow Jones and Warren Buffett Investment Company Berkshire Hathaway. Is.

If we want to compare his performance with digital currencies, the return on Mr. Gax trades is sometimes higher than the return on Bitcoin.

Mr. Gax;  A hamster that trades better than Warren Buffett!
Comparison chart of Mr. Gax trading returns with Bitcoin, other companies and the most prominent financial markets

Of course, Mr. Gax is not a real investment company or trader, and its owners emphasize in their tweets that the actions of this hamster should not be considered as an investment recommendation.

The owners of Mr. Gax have said:

[ارزهای دیجیتال] The issues are controversial, and as is the case with most topics on the Internet, it seems that this issue can quickly become heated and disrespectful.

The two German men have said they prefer Mr Gax to be the face of their “side project fun”. They say the idea for Mr. Gax as a hobby came to mind during the Corona epidemic.

Mr. Gax;  A hamster that trades better than Warren Buffett!
Image attributed to Mr. Gax

One of Mr. Gax’s owners, a teacher and modeling expert, says he sometimes likes to get people interested in new technologies with funny ideas. The other owner is Mr. Gax, a programmer, and the two have been friends since college. The owners of this hamster, who live miles away from each other, somehow manage Mr. Gax’s activities remotely by working together and remotely.

One of Mr. Gax’s owners said:

Ever since my hamster started working, I have been asking everyone around me to learn more about digital currencies. Most people usually run away when they hear the name of the Blockchain.

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Visit Mr. Gax’s office!

Almost everything in Mr. Gax’s office is handmade, except for a few pieces made by Hamster fans.

Mr. Gax’s office transactions are automated, and a variety of technologies such as scripting, microcontrollers, single-board computers, computer modeling, 3D printers, laser cutting, and the like have been used in the design of this office. Mr. Gax’s owners say the office has had a “relatively complex implementation,” but still has plans to expand it.

Mr. Gax;  A hamster that trades better than Warren Buffett!
Image of Mr. Gax’s 3D model

The owners of this trading hamster have said:

We have a lot in mind to watch everything [برای مخاطبان] It makes it much more fun and gives Mr. Gax more space to play.

Mr. Gax, like a successful manager, spends hours of the day resting. The front door of his office is always open, except when he needs to be cleaned, so he can close the office whenever he wants.


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