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MP’s letter to the Attorney General: Block foreign digital currency exchanges

A member of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, in a letter to the Attorney General, stated that more than 60% of the clients of one of the unknown and unreliable foreign exchange offices called “Quinx” are Iranian users, calling for blocking foreign exchange offices in Ramzarz The continuation of this process, which he said was harmful and dangerous.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From ISNA, Rahim Zare’s letter to Montazeri reads:

“Dear brother of Hojjatoleslam and Muslims Montazeri
Distinguished Attorney General


In recent years, the issue of cryptocurrencies has been raised as one of the most important issues and an undeniable phenomenon in the economic field of the world and our country. .

Although it is not possible to ignore the issue of cryptocurrencies in our country’s economy or eliminate this issue and it should be managed, but the negligence of the Central Bank and other government agencies to address this issue has caused chaos in the digital currency trading environment. In a way that it is not clear to the people with which reputable people or companies they can cooperate.

But what is an immediate and serious warning in the current state of the country’s economy is trying to facilitate the outflow of foreign currency by investing Iranian users in some sites and so-called foreign exchange offices, which while withdrawing money, can deprive users of the ability to withdraw and transfer. Iran provides international sanctions under the pretext of oppressive international sanctions.

This issue has gone so far that according to statistics, more than 60% of the visitors of one of these unknown and unreliable foreign exchange offices called “Quinx” are Iranian users who apparently only work to attract the funds of our citizens and extensive advertising and networking of these sites. Anonymous and suspicious foreigners have encouraged Iranian users to register and form a digital currency wallet in these collections, which such a process certainly has many security and economic consequences.

“Therefore, while immediately investigating this issue, it is entitled to issue the necessary orders to block foreign exchange offices in Ramzarz area in order to prevent the continuation of this harmful and dangerous process.”


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