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MP Robert Beglerian: Danger of invading Iran to extract bitcoin due to cheap energy

In a recent interview, Robert Beglerian, a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said that there had been talks to legislate digital currencies and bitcoins, and that if the necessary measures were not taken, there was a possibility of an attack on Iran to extract digital currencies.

According to Digital Currency and to Quoted From Borna; These days, the fever of buying and selling and investing in digital currencies such as Bitcoin has flourished, and everyone with little or no capital is thinking of increasing their capital through digital currencies, but in the meantime, profiteers promise to receive money. And they give people a deposit of several hundred thousand bitcoins and thus deceive people, and since we do not have a specific law regarding digital currencies, the possibility of scamming people has increased a lot and there is no legal authority to respond to and organize this chaotic situation. does not have.

In an interview with Borna, Robert Beglerian, a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said in response to a question about the Assembly’s efforts to organize digital currencies:

There has been talk of legislation on digital currencies and bitcoin, but it is now virtually silent. For example, since we faced power outages last summer, there have been concerns about energy consumption, pricing, and for Tavanir and The authorities came up with a plan in this regard, namely electricity consumption licenses for bitcoin mining, electricity consumption, how to calculate its pricing, and… in the main commission, ie the Energy Commission, but due to ambiguities, it did not vote in general. Has not sent any laws or bills in this regard to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

He added:

Since the projects can not be returned with the same name for another 6 months after being rejected, the rejected project may be brought back to the commission after 6 months with amendments, in fact, if the problem of energy supply and resources is solved. The banking, financial and legal aspects of digital currencies may also be addressed.

A member of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly announced the invasion of Iran to extract digital currencies and specified:

One of our serious concerns is that due to the cheap energy in the country, if we do not take the necessary measures to invade Iran for mining, in fact, because of this cheapness, high-consumption and low-quality mining equipment has entered the country The country will be a problem.

He continued:

Last year, when digital currencies caused a stir in the country and concerns arose over electricity supply, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Energy issued directives, but I do not know how much they will be implemented.

This representative of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, while advising the people, said:

I tell people that as long as there are no clear rules and solutions to protect their rights, if they take a risk, it is at their own expense.

Beglarian added:

When an issue arises that the government or parliament becomes sensitive to; It needs to be addressed, but legislation is not easy and fast, and it requires time and precise expertise, so people need to be careful not to get in trouble until a comprehensive law is in place.

This member of the Energy Commission stated:

What has been done in the field of work of the Energy Commission means that we have prepared and presented a plan but it did not vote due to ambiguities and more work should be done on it, so the best thing is for the media to help provide the most up-to-date information to the people. And the parliamentarians should address the issue and pass an effective law.

Beglerian said in the end:

Because digital currencies such as bitcoin are complex and multidimensional, it is best to form a joint commission of economic and energy commissions to address all aspects of the issue, such as energy, electricity, pricing, legal, financial, banking, and more.


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