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More than 70,000 miners have been confiscated in Iran

Sardar Mohammad Reza Moghimi, the head of the NAJA Economic Security Police, said in a recent interview that more than 70,000 Ramzarz mining machines have been seized in Iran since the fight against illegal mining.

According to digital currency and to Quoted In an interview with ISNA from the Persian Gulf, Sardar Mohammad Reza Moghimi said about the police’s response to the illegal extraction of currency codes:

Regarding the mining devices or the extraction of currency cryptocurrencies, I must say that these devices are smuggled and in addition, we have their illegal use of the country’s electricity industry, which has side effects in the economic and social fields, including power outages. Hence, the police deal with these cases.

He stated that since the beginning of the expansion of the currency code in the world and consequently in our country, about 72,000 miners have been discovered and confiscated in the country, he said:

About 3,000 miners have been seized since the beginning of this year, and we have handed them over to the relevant authorities and the violators have also been dealt with.

He said that the extraction of currency cryptocurrencies is done in three parts: domestic, semi-industrial and industrial.

The police will deal with these cases legally, and during this time, people have been arrested for committing the same criminal acts.

Referring to the smuggling of miners, the head of the NAJA Economic Security Police said:

The password mining machines are not new and are imported as second-hand and out of use. It is natural that such devices have a useful life and do not have a positive performance. In addition, they consume more costs and electricity.

Moghimi said that some organizations and agencies are also active in this field, said:

We have the news of this and it must be dealt with.

He also said about the authorized extraction:

Some are licensed, that is, they generate their own electricity and do not load it on national networks to supply electricity. These things are working in the spaces they have created. Police deal with illegal cases.


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