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More than 22 million bitcoin addresses were active last month

Glassnode data show that activity within the bitcoin chain grew sharply in January; More than 22.3 million addresses sent or received bitcoins this month.

To Report The Telegraph received or sent more than 22.3 million unique Bitcoin addresses in 31 days this month, a record for Glassnode, according to Glassnode.

Glassone data
Glassone data

The company wrote in a tweet that in January we saw the highest monthly number of unique active addresses in the history of Bitcoin:

In January, more than 22.3 million unique addresses actively sent or received bitcoins on the network, the highest monthly statistics in Bitcoin history to date.

Activity growth in January broke the previous record of more than 21 million active addresses registered in December 2017. The interesting thing is that since 2017, the number of unique addresses that have participated in Bitcoin has never been less than 10 million addresses per month.

Glasnod also noted that despite the increase in active single wallets, the number of “active entities” on the Bitcoin network has dropped dramatically since the new cord was registered in early January.

According to Glasnood, an entity is a cluster of addresses controlled by a single network of individuals or companies.

Bitcoin trading volume reached an unprecedented level last month. This happened while the price of Bitcoin first reached above $ 30,000 and then managed to reach its peak of $ 42,000. Bitcoin, meanwhile, has been consolidating its price for some time after setting a record.

Bitcoin price chart
Bitcoin price chart

The US exchange Kraken recently announced that the volume of transactions processed in January exceeded the total in 2019. According to the exchange, 56 billion assets were acquired on the platform in January.

A large number of digital currency exchanges were shut down in January. Cracken and Coinbase took steps to prevent disruptions caused by increased traffic and volume in the future.


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