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Minor discovery aftershocks in Tehran Stock Exchange; The CEO resigned

After confirming the discovery of the digital currency extraction machine in the Tehran Stock Exchange building, the CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange confirmed his resignation from this position and said: Mahmoud Goodarzi has been appointed as the current manager by the decision of the board of directors.

According to Arzdigital Digital and quoting Fars, Ali Sahraei confirmed the news that he has resigned from the CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange Company, and said:

The board of directors has entrusted the management of the company to Mahmoud Goodarzi, the deputy director of the stock exchange company, so that he can be appointed as the managing director soon.

The former CEO of Tehran Stock Exchange added: ‌

In view of the recent events, I submitted my resignation to the board of directors and the board of directors elected Mr. Goodarzi as its supervisor, and I apologize to the shareholder community, and what happened was not intentional at all.

Sahraei also said this:

I wish success to Mr. Goodarzi and I hope that the shareholder community will be forgiven for possible negligence during my management of the Tehran Stock Exchange.

He confirmed that the use of miners in the stock exchange was limited with the approval of the board of directors.


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