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Ministry of Industry official: We have not given permission to any foreign company to extract digital currency

Alireza Hadi, director general of the Ministry of Silence’s Office of Project Affairs, said that foreign countries are not directly involved in extracting cryptocurrencies in Iran, they are in the form of Iranian companies that have foreign investment. He went on to state explicitly that no foreign companies had obtained a license from the ministry.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From ILNA, Alireza Hadi in an interview with ILNA economic reporter about the process of issuing Ramzarz license due to the ban on Ramzarz mining until September stated: ‌

We are subject to the command to stop activities. Our licenses are establishment licenses and operating licenses; When a company obtains an operating license, it has an operating license, but now that it has been ordered in the interests of the country that licensed companies are not allowed to operate, then this company must also stop its work.

He added

But there is no inconvenience for licensing. We can issue licenses for the season they are allowed to operate. The operation and extraction of the cryptocurrencies has stopped until then, but they can get a license, prepare the infrastructure and import their equipment. Therefore, if there is an applicant, he also has the necessary qualifications and conditions, a license will be issued, but they will not be allowed to operate until September.

Hadi, referring to the steps of obtaining a license, clarified: ‌

All licensing processes are done electronically in the optimization system. After the visit, if it is in accordance with the instructions, a permit will be issued. The demand is almost stabilized and there is not much new demand, but most of the applications are already registered and advanced to obtain a license.

He added:

We have about 100 establishment licenses, the progress of which has been more than 5%, their progress must reach 100% in order to be able to obtain an exploitation license and operate. No one has the right to operate with an establishment permit, they can only take the land and prepare the infrastructure. After receiving the license, they will be allowed to operate if the restriction set by the government expires by the end of September. So far, about 20 units have received operating licenses.

The Director General of the Project Affairs Office of the Ministry of Silence, in response to a question about the presence of foreigners in the field of Ramzarz mining in the country, said: ‌

Foreign countries are not directly involved in the extraction of cryptocurrencies in Iran, these are in the form of Iranian companies that have foreign investment. No foreign company has obtained a license from us. Like what percentage of a domestic company is for someone of another nationality.

He also stated:

In this case, we were told the names of three companies, one of which is incorrect, one of which is the Iran-China Investment Company, part of which I think is about 50% for a Chinese and 50% for an Iranian. Who work in Rafsanjan. The company’s information was no longer valid and did not lead to a license.


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