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Ministry of Industry: Iran’s share of bitcoin mining is $ 660 million annually

According to the Ministry of Silence, the annual global extraction of bitcoin is 32.4000 bitcoins, equivalent to 11,000 million dollars, which is estimated that the current informal extraction of this digital currency in Iran is about 4 to 6% of global production, ie about 19,500 units. Bitcoin, equivalent to $ 660 million.

According to digital currency and to Quoted From ISNA, according to statistics and information published by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade (Samat), from November 19 last year to the end of January this year, 1,870 cases were registered in the optimization system to issue establishment licenses in the field of currency extraction. Digitally, 1,380 licenses were issued, with a total capacity of 76 million terachms per second, equivalent to a demand of 1,700 megawatts.

However, according to this report, most of the licenses have no physical progress and have been systematically revoked.

In the meantime, 16 registrations have been made for the issuance of exploitation licenses during the mentioned period, of which only two have succeeded in obtaining exploitation licenses. The total capacity of the issued exploitation licenses is 5,000 terash per second, equivalent to the demand of 0.1 MW.

The report also states that according to the Ministry of Energy, 310 MW contracts have been signed with 21 companies, 7 of which are located in free and special economic zones, and no exploitation license has been issued for any of them in the optimization system.

Regarding the status of self-declaration in Behin Yab system, this report informs about the registration of 2,112 applicants, of which 1,226 have paid about 11 billion Tomans of government duties for 56,700 devices and the total number of miners declared in the process so far. It has been 120,000 devices.

The report also examines the state of digital currencies in the world and in Iran, according to which the total value of the digital currency market in the world is $ 940 billion, its daily turnover is $ 153 billion and the number of global currencies is 8,249. The total market is 68%. Also, the annual extraction of digital currencies in the world is estimated at $ 9.700 million and the annual extraction capacity of digital currencies in Iran is estimated at $ 660 million, equivalent to 7.5% of the total world.

Also, the annual global extraction of 324,000 bitcoins is equivalent to 11,000 million dollars, which is estimated that the current informal extraction of this digital currency in Iran is about 4 to 6% of annual global production, ie about 19,500 bitcoins, equivalent to 660 million dollars. . Meanwhile, estimates indicate that the extraction capacity and licenses issued if converted into exploitation licenses in Iran will be equivalent to 42,000 bitcoins, or $ 1.400 million.

It is worth mentioning that in the mentioned calculations, the price of each bitcoin is 34,000 dollars.

The self-declaration process started on August 17 this year and is still going on, but the opportunity to register applicants, pay government salaries and fees, obtain an activity license from the Ministry of Silence or announce a list of centers with mining licenses for applicants intending to transfer the device. Finished.

On March 26 this year, the deadline for assigning miners and uploading documents by applicants in the optimization system expires.

Of course, the statistics provided are related to the units that operate with a license, but in recent weeks, due to the increase in electricity consumption in the country and scattered blackouts, the activity of a number of miners without a license has stopped.

This winter, first the metropolises, especially Tehran, faced severe air pollution due to the use of fuel oil in power plants due to lack of natural gas, although contradictory statements were made in this regard. After that, we witnessed widespread power outages in homes and then electricity in industrial towns and production units, which led to various speculations in this regard. In recent weeks, for example, there have been reports of Chinese presence to extract bitcoins in Iran, and it has been speculated that one of the main reasons for the widespread power outages this year is the dramatic increase in the legalization of digital currencies, both legally and illegally. Therefore, in recent weeks, news of dealing with some unauthorized miners was published, and it was also announced that in order to manage electricity consumption and prevent blackouts, authorized digital currency miners were negotiated to stop their activities at this time, and in this regard, mining activities Chinese digital currency traders also stopped.

However, a spokesman for the National Gas Company recently announced that gas consumption has increased by about 10 percent since the beginning of January compared to the same period last year, one of the reasons for this is the spread of coronary heart disease and increased use of hot water and the second reason is the cold wave. Is the country.


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